Covit-19 | Moscow records daily deaths

(Moscow) The city of Moscow on Sunday announced the number of deaths from the corona virus in the past 24 hours, which is a sign of the continuing deteriorating situation in Russia, which is severely affected by the delta variation.

According to official data, Moscow recorded 144 deaths in 24 hours, the worst since the outbreak. On Saturday, it was the second city in the country, St. Petersburg, where 107 people died.

Nationwide, 20,538 new people have been affected by a total of more than 5.4 million cases since the outbreak. Of the total 133,282, 599 died, according to official figures.

According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sofian, nearly 2,000 people are hospitalized every day in the capital due to COVID-19. “We have mobilized 20,000 beds, of which 14,000 are currently occupied. That’s a lot,” he said on television Saturday night.

Russia, one of the worst-hit countries in the world, has been hit hard by delta variation in recent weeks, and is contagious and is causing concern around the world.

Moscow has in recent weeks reintroduced control measures such as the return of compulsory delivery to some employees, compulsory vaccination in the service sector or the creation of a health pass to go to a restaurant.

Photo by Shamil Jumatov, REUTERS

People waiting for vaccinations at the GUM Shopping Center in Red Square.

As of spring 2020, public imprisonment is not currently expected in a city of more than 12 million people.

Apart from Moscow, St. Petersburg, the second most popular city in the country, and the host city Euro 2020 football matches are also one of the centers of these epidemics. There is still one game in the city, a quarter-final next Friday, possible with France if they beat Switzerland on Monday.

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The city reported 1,298 new cases and 106 deaths on Sunday.

Despite widespread public distrust and repeated calls from President Vladimir Putin, the vaccination campaign has lagged behind in Russia since December.

According to figures released by the Kokov site on Friday, only 21.2 million out of 146 million people received at least one dose, which combines data from regions and media due to the lack of official national statistics.

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