Variation Delta | Sharp rise in epidemics in the UK

(London) The UK on Saturday recorded the highest rate of its new corona virus infection since the beginning of February as the National Health Service spearheaded a vaccine-enhancing campaign.

Bon Bylas
Associated Press

The highest daily number since February 5 is 18,270 across the UK, officials said.

Last week, nearly 100,000 people tested positive, a 50% increase over the previous week. This raises questions about the current restructuring.

Daily cases have increased sharply in recent weeks due to the delta variation, which was first identified in India and is thought to be 40% to 80% more contagious than the mutation dominated by government scientists. Previous.

It refers to almost all new events in the UK.

Most of the newly confirmed cases are from young people who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The new increase in the number of cases comes as hundreds of walk-in vaccination sites, including stadiums and shopping centers, opened in the UK over the weekend in an effort to increase the number of people vaccinated, especially young people.

“It is a unique achievement and it is wonderful to see so many young people coming forward to be vaccinated and doing their part to protect themselves and their loved ones,” said Nadeem Zahawi, the minister in charge of vaccination.

The prevalence of this variance has upset the Conservative government’s plans to remove all remaining restrictions on social contact in the UK.

The plan is to remove those restrictions on July 19, but before we get there, the authorities need to determine if the vaccine roll has created enough firewall to protect the most vulnerable.

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Other parts of the UK – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – follow similar plans. As of Saturday, nearly two-thirds of the British population had received at least one dose of the vaccine, but 48% had received both drugs.

A recent analysis by the UK of Public Health showed that two vaccines used by the UK were more effective against hospitalization induced by the delta variant – 96% in the case of the Pfizer-Bioendech vaccine and 92% in the case of the Astrogenene vaccine.

Although the number of hospital admissions and the number of deaths have increased slightly over the past two weeks, they have not been as fast with infections.

On Saturday, the government said another 227 people had been admitted to hospital, bringing the total to 1,505, far from the 40,000 registered at the peak of the second wave earlier this year.

The virus-related deaths were as low as 23, with a total of 128,089 deaths.

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