Airlines are preparing to resume flights to the United States

AGI – Airlines are getting ready to welcome Wave of travelers from 33 countries Approved to return to the United States after November 8, 18 months after the closure. And bookings increased.

Companies that rely heavily on the Atlantic and Trans-Pacific routes in general to deal with Air France, British Airways and United Airlines They added planes and they chose big planes I made sure you had enough staff. The announcement of the White House deregulation was expected by families who had been separated for months. By business travelers or simple travelers: Washington has severely restricted travelers from countries including the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, China, India and Brazil, due to Govt-19.

Immediately, air bookings increased. Saw British Airways for example 900% increase Compared to the week before the U.S. government announcement, flights and searches for holidays to some U.S. cities in the days leading up to Christmas.

On American Airlines, bookings rose 66% the day after the announcement to the UK, 40% to Europe and 74% to Brazil. The planes were also attacked on November 8, when it reopened.

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