Acquiring good habits from a young age will reduce risks in the future

Acquiring good habits from a young age will reduce risks in the future

Acquiring good habits from a young age will reduce risks in the futureSaint Joseph Clinic

It is known to everyone Sleeps It is a basic need of our body. As many have proven studies Our daily experience and quality son It directly affects us health I Bless. In case InfantsThis daily routine becomes more important, because it directly affects their growth and development. But talking about the quality of sleep and its effect on them Boys and girlsWe must first understand how this vital activity works in the body and what those activities are benefits constribte.

What exactly is sleep and why is sleep so important?

As he explained Dr. A.S. Jose MarchenaPediatrician Saint Joseph ClinicSleeping one Biological process Which consists of two main stages: Rapid eye movement that day Not REM. In the REM phase there Eye movements Rapid is a stage in which the brain is intense active Show dreams. On the other hand, it increases in the non-REM state Supply to rich In the muscles, energy is restored, tissues grow and repair, and hormones important for growth and development are released.

The most common sleep disorders in children

As pointed out by Dr. Marchena, we can distinguish between Fundamental problems Sleep, their own jobs, or other external matters, such as maintaining good rest habits. The pediatrician explains that there are different types of sleep disorders, but the types most commonly seen in consultations are:

Night terrors. It is common in these attacks that the child suddenly sits up in bed and begins screaming and crying with facial expressions of terror and signs of anxiety.

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Sleepwalking. We will talk about a child who wakes up a lot and moves during the night. Often they wake up, move around, and go back to sleep, but sometimes they just wander around the house. What you should try is not to wake him up because that might lead him into a state of confusion.

Nightmares They are dreams that produce fear or anxiety. Children usually wake up very frightened and are able to describe the nightmare in detail.

How can you discover that a child is not sleeping enough hours?

The pediatrician says that when they are very young, it is difficult to detect that they are not sleeping Enough hoursSince waking up at this time is more common and families are more tired, but if the child is “irritable or not thriving” it is likely that he is not getting his allotted hours of rest. It could be due to a sleeping problem, but “it is necessary to rule out that there are no other triggers, such as stomach reflux or blocked ears, in other words, physical things that could prevent him from sleeping well.”

What can families do to improve their child’s nighttime comfort?

As the pediatrician at Clínica Sant Josep points out, it is necessary first identification What happens, that is, finding out “whether there is a medical problem, fear, airway obstruction, behavioral problem… among other possibilities.” The most important thing is that the parents establish good habits and that the child sleeps the necessary hours for his age. Age in particular will generally determine sleep cycles.

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As explained by Dr. Marchena There are described diseases that are related to each other bad habits From the sound during childhood.

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