Cosenza-Catanzaro 0-2: Final score and highlights

Cosenza-Catanzaro 0-2: Final score and highlights
  • That's all for the live broadcast from Cosenza-Catanzaro, I hope you have a good continuation of the day. 18:28

  • In the standings, the Giallorossi have risen to 48 points, -4 ahead of Como while the Rossoblu remain steady at 33. In the next round, they will face Cosenza-Cittadella and Catanzaro-Reggiana. 18:28

  • Catanzaro wins the Calabrian derby thanks to a goal in each half: Emilo opens the door, Biasci closes. Venturi was sent off for receiving yellow cards. Totino and his assistant Cipressa are injured. 18:24

  • 90'+6'

    I finish! Cosenza-Catanzaro 0-2! Goals by Emilo and Biacci 18:19

  • 90'+5'

    Mikay warned: Protests. 18:16

  • 90'+4'

    Missed penalty kick from Biashi and Michael Parra! Penalty kick saved by the goalkeeper! 18:18

  • 90'+2'

    Penalty kick for Catanzaro! A cross from Feroli, a touch from Camporesi. 18:13

  • 90'

    Five minutes extra time. 18:12

  • 89'

    Statistical pill: Eighth goal of the tournament for Biashi. 18:12

  • 89'

    Goal! Cosenza – Catanzaro 0-2! Biashi Network. The visitors double their lead: a counterattack from Ambrosino who launches Biasci alone in front of Mikay, winner with a soft right foot.

    Check out Tommaso Biasci's player profile18:11

  • 88'

    Calo spasms. 18:09

  • 86'

    Zucon drops Ferroli, the Giallorossi team lets time pass. 18:07

  • 84'

    Mazzucci's aerial pass for the awaiting Forte. 18:05

  • 82'

    All replacement slots sold out. 18:04

  • 81'

    Fourth change in Cosenza: Fontanarosa comes on, Maras comes off. 18:03

  • 81'

    Third change in Cosenza: Florenzi comes on, Antonucci comes on. 18:02

  • 80'

    Fifth change in Catanzaro: Verna in, Petricione out. 18:02

  • 80'

    Fourth change for Catanzaro: Sonas comes in, Vandeput comes out. 18:01

  • 78'

    Cosenza had to play the final outnumbered and at a disadvantage. 17:59

  • 77'

    Venturi fired! Second yellow card for a foul on Ambrosino. 17:58

  • 75'

    Maras' cross shot was not very decisive, no problem for Folignati. 17:56

  • 73'

    Catanzaro's third substitution: Biasci comes on, Emilo comes on. 17:55

  • 73'

    The second change in Catanzaro: Miranda enters, Brighenti exits. 17:54

  • 71'

    Disallowed goal in Cosenza! Kalou scored into an almost empty net, and Fabbri was whistled for a foul by Forte on Folignati. 17:53

  • 69'

    Kalou straight from the edge, Scognamello sacrifices himself and makes the save. 17:50

  • 67'

    Cross from Maras to the far post, high clearance by the visiting goalkeeper. 17:48

  • 66'

    Antonucci points to Scognamello, his cross is blocked for the corner. 17:46

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  • 64'

    First change in Catanzaro: Brignola comes in and D'Andrea comes out. 17:45

  • 63'

    In developments, Brighenti can shoot alone but sends his head high. 17:43

  • 62'

    Shot from the flag of Catanzaro. 17:42

  • 61'

    Venturi Warning: Error on VandeBot. 17:42

  • 59'

    The visitors eased the pressure on the home team by moving D'Andrea down the right lane. 17:40

  • 57'

    Second change in Cosenza: Zocun out, Praszelek out. 17:38

  • 57'

    Foolish! Frabotta's cross to the center of the area was executed by Mazzocchi with acrobatic movements, with his left foot at the back. 17:37

  • 55'

    Forte's header is wide of the goal 17:35

  • 54'

    Replay by Iemmello, Camporese stalls and Venturi doubles by getting the ball back. 17:35

  • 52'

    Frabotta's shot from inside the area is blocked by D'Andrea: a left-footed shot at the back. 17:33

  • 51'

    Pole of Cosenza! Antonucci enters the area and hits the post with his right side while Folignati is beaten. 17:32

  • 49'

    Strong warning! A bullet hit Briginetti in the face. 17:30

  • 47'

    Prazilek shoots a rebound from the Giallorossi defence, and shoots it with his right foot for Folignati. 17:28

  • 46'

    There are no changes during the break. 17:26

  • 46'

    The second half of the Cosenza-Catanzaro match begins! We start again with a score of 0-1. 17:26

  • The teams are in the dressing rooms to catch their breath: Caserta studies the moves to recover the disadvantage, Vivarini to manage and consolidate the positive side. 17:15

  • It all happened at half-time at Cosenza Catanzaro: Totino went off after a few minutes, then Cipresa's assistant was injured, and as soon as the game resumed, Emilo beat Mikay after an assist from Setum. 17:13

  • 45'+8'

    The end of the first half! Cosenza-Catanzaro 0-1! Emilo's goal in the 31st minute. 17:11

  • 45'+6'

    Gyamfi crosses, Setum blocks Antonucci in the corner. 17:09

  • 45'+4'

    Handball from Vandebot. 17:06

  • 45'+2'

    Frabotta is unable to pass D'Andrea and ends up committing a foul. 17:06

  • 45'+1'

    DORAZIO WARNING: Protests from the bench. 17:05

  • 45'+1'

    Forte frees himself in the box, and his powerful left foot makes the save, making it easy for Folignati. 17:04

  • 45'

    Seven minutes of stoppage time. 17:03

  • 43'

    Mazzucci Warning: Foul on Petricione. 17:00

  • 41'
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    A very dangerous cross shot from Maras, Forte misses a header, Scognamello approaches and puts it in the corner. 16:59

  • 40'

    Opportunity for Cosenza! In developments, the ball goes to Mazzucchi, who asks Folignati to deflect it and take a corner kick. 16:57

  • 39'

    Corner kick for Cosenza. 16:56

  • 38'

    Catanzaro emerges well from the home team's pressure and maintains control of the ball. 16:56

  • 36'

    He pressed Folignati's clearance, a foul the goalkeeper suffered. 16:55

  • 34'

    Caserta, who had not taken some chances before, are forced to chase. 16:52

  • 32'

    Statistical pill: 11th season goal for the Giallorossi centre-back. 16:52

  • 31'

    Goal! Cosenza – Catanzaro 0-1! emoji network. The guests are in front: D'Andrea sends Lasetum, who helps Emilo, who beats Mikay from the middle of the area.

    Check out Pietro Iemmello's player profile16:51

  • 31'

    Play resumes with first assistant Mastrodomenico and Catanzaro in possession of the ball. 16:48

  • 28'

    The match is still suspended, Mr. Cipresa of Lecce leaves the field on a stretcher to the applause of the San Vito crowd's support “Gigi Marola”. 16:47

  • 25'

    Cipressa hit! The assistant falls and remains on the ground in pain. Fourth referee Mastrodomenico is ready. 16:44

  • 23'

    The first half of the match: a lively match, with the score still standing at 0-0. 16:42

  • 22'

    Foolish! Maras puts it in the middle of the area, and Forte passes a header to Mazzucchi, who shoots to the stars from an excellent position. 16:40

  • 21'

    Catanzaro wins the ball back and starts again quickly, Ferroli passing to Emilo who was offside. 16:39

  • 20'

    Another ball and chain drop from Setome, then the cross is very deep. 16:37

  • 19'

    Crossed by Maras, Brigente well placed to eliminate the threat. 16:36

  • 17'

    Insertion of Situm, an assist in the middle of the area for Iemmello, carefully anticipated by Camporese. 16:35

  • 15'

    Mazzucci passes a cross and turns it into a corner kick, but Fabbri takes the goal kick for the Giallorossi. 16:33

  • 13'

    On a tactical level, for Caserta, Antonucci acts as a rubber band between Forte and the attacking midfield. 16:31

  • 12'

    Mazzucci's right foot is sent by Antonucci, but it is blocked by the Giallorossi defence. 16:30

  • 10'

    First change in Cosenza: Forte in, Totino out. 16:28

  • 9'

    Totino ko! The rossoblù center striker cannot attend and must leave the match. 16:27

  • 8'

    Free kick for Catanzaro, taken by Scognamello, but the flag is raised offside. 16:25

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  • 6'

    Maras Warning: Error by Petricione. 16:23

  • 5'

    Concerned about Cosenza: Totino complains of a problem but returns to the field. Strong in early warning. 16:24

  • 4'

    Venturi goes down with the ball at his feet, then doesn't match Antonucci and the ball goes down. 16:22

  • 3'

    Chance for the hosts: Kalou release, Totino controls the ball and shoots, Scognamello closes the ball for a corner kick. 16:21

  • 1'

    Foul by Maras on Petricione, starting whistle from the referee. 16:18

  • 1'

    The beginning of Cosenza-Catanzaro! The first ball played by Emilo. 16:17

  • The teams are on the field under Fabbri's orders: the hosts wear blue jerseys with red horizontal stripes, the guests wear red suits with yellow inserts. 16:16

  • The warm-up phase is over. The race starts in a few minutes. 16:09

  • In the first leg, the Eagles defeated Emilo and Piasci. 00:28

  • Caserta brings back Zucon, Voca and Viviani on the bench. Totino is at centre-forward, Maras, Antonucci and Mazzucci in attacking midfield. Vivarini confirms Ambrosino-Iemmello as an attacking duo, and Biasci returns from suspension and starts from the bench. D'Andrea and Bombetti are new in the midfield. 16:34

  • Catanzaro training (4-4-2): Follinati – Setome, Briginti, Scognamello, Ferroli – D'Andrea, Petricione, Bombetti, Vandeput – Ambrosino, Emelo. Available: Oliveri, Verna, Belbano, Sonas, Biacci, Pontisso, Donnarumma, Brignola, Stupa, Miranda, Antonini, Sala. 16:03

  • Cosenza training (4-2-3-1): Mikay – Gyamfi, Camporesi, Venturi, Frabotta – Kalou, Brazil – Maras, Antonucci, Mazzucci – Totino. Available: Lay, Marson, Dorazio, Fontanarosa, Occhiotto, Barone, Viviani, Florenzi, Zuccone, Fuca, Crespi, Canuto, Forti. 16:32

  • The Rossoblu came out with a good draw at league leaders Parma, while the Giallorossi beat Bari in the “Seravolo”. 00:12

  • In San Vito, Gigi Marola is conducted by Mr. Michael Fabbri from the Ravenna department, assisted by assistants Cipressa and Bahri. Fourth referee, Leonardo Mastro, Domenico Matera. In VAR Matteo Gariglio, AVAR Orlando Pagnotta.00:07

  • The Calabrian derby pits the hosts, in the middle of the standings with 33 points, against the visitors, who are in the qualifying zone with 45 points. 00:03

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the Cosenza and Catanzaro match in the 28th round of the Second Division. 23:57

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: San Vito Gigi Marola
    City: Cosenza
    Capacity: 24,209 spectators23:57

    San Vito Gigi MarolaFonti: Getty Images
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