The phones were cut off, the fight against doping, and the flight abroad. What happened

Last known headline, an Instagram story from 20 hours ago wearing a low-cut lace dress with small roses, interspersed with male comments (polite, naughty, shy: the usual climax caused by her undoubted beauty) and virtual hearts. Beyond the social media headline, there are implications Camila Giorgi32 years old, from the Marche region of Macerata with an Argentine father (Sergio, who coaches her) and an Italian mother (Claudia, her daughter’s personal stylist), has the feet of an athlete four centimeters tall (Steffi Graf was too: it’s a compliment) and tennis talent is always expressed/ Disabled due to character limit, She pulled out suddenly without warning And without following – the specialty of the house – the logical course of things.

Even before expressing her desire to resign from the WTA, the women’s professional circuit was, in effect, a coup that Camila did not inform anyone about. She has removed herself from the anti-doping protocol And those who were curious to browse the (public) file of the body responsible for tennis integrity (ITIA deals with banned substances and betting) were to discover that Giorgi has been no longer an active tennis player since May 7, The start date of the Foro Italico Internationals tournament, for which you are not registered.

What is certainly true, in the documents, is the recent indictment issued by the Vicenza Public Prosecutor’s Office on the matter False Covid certificates (“The investigations concern a doctor from Vicenza who mentioned, to cover her back, the names of famous people: I have been vaccinated in several places, and I am calm» He said in a recent interview with Courier), the singer Madame also participated.

Expatriate by choice or necessity, this seems to be the end A player full of unspoken qualities, n. 26th best ranking, Master 1000 (Montreal 2021) and quarterfinals at Wimbledon (2018) as the pinnacle, blind faith in his father’s coaching skills, a veteran of the Falklands War with his own ideas of preparation, tactics and techniques, madness and charisma under the same shaggy hair, capable On keeping Giorgi’s family together yet The most terrible blacksmith: Her eldest daughter, Antonella, died at the age of 23 in a car accident in Paris.

There Camila completely entrusted herself to Sergio, embraced his methods, and defended him with all her might (“My father believed in me from the beginning, we had a unique bond, and he dedicated his life to me”), rejecting further qualifications. Coaches, sponsor by name and advice, Camila and Sergio against the world, a personal battle fought until the defeat against Swiatek in Miami, which was on March 23, the last match. To the few colleagues she spoke to, she had revealed her intention to leave tennis for a future in fashion, and the listlessness of the past few months was palpable, but no one had contemplated a finale like this, so full of haste and doubt. “Finally I can go to Orlando to Harry Potter Park,” she smiled after Swiatek defeated her, almost breaking free. Lost in the magical world of Hogwarts, where Camilla exists.

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