Corsica is closer than ever to a political force of its own

Corsica is closer than ever to a political force of its own

The agreement between the French government and most elected Corsicans regarding the inclusion of Corsica's autonomy in the French constitution brings the goal of creating its own political authority on the Mediterranean island a little closer. But how is this power drawn? What stages are missing to complete? Is it still possible for the process to be derailed? Let's get to it.

What is the importance of the March 12 Agreement?

This agreement was presented as necessary so that the self-government process could continue to advance. The French Ministry of the Interior and most of Corsica's elected representatives have been discussing for months the contents of this agreement, which has become known as the Bufao Process. The agreement has been announced Expect That Corsica would be self-governing, that the Assembly would have organizational capacity and that the Corsican population would be recognized as a “historical, linguistic and cultural community.” Corsica's Prime Minister, Gilles Simeone, believes that “an important step has been taken” and requested that the Basic Law include not only the ability to approve laws, but also the necessary “financial and fiscal means”.

Can Corsica pass its own laws?

The agreement states Two levels of organizational capacity. On the one hand, the possibility for the Corsican Community to adapt the laws and regulations adopted by French central institutions and, on the other hand, to be able to approve its own rules, Without having to pass Each time by the French Parliament. These two issues must be resolved by organic law. Therefore, it has not been determined what rank the rules issued by Corsica will rank. Within the French Republic, New Caledonia and Polynesia were able to agree for years to their own rules, called… Laws of the country. However, it is subject to the oversight of the Council of State and, ultimately, the Constitutional Council.

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What about other major claims of Kore nationalism?

Aside from legislative capacity, Corsican nationalism has expressed two other great goals over the decades, the Corsican Assembly he asked them in 2013: Official sharing of the Corsican language and establishment of resident status. Neither of them was mentioned in the agreement concluded between the French government and the elected population of Corsica. In fact, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, He emphasized this issue To defend the agreement in the face of criticism that has already emerged from more central positions: “It doesn't even interest people [cors]resident status, and no formal language involvement.”

What do the pro-independence parties say?

The agreement satisfies Corsica's autonomy parties, but it has also received a positive reception from the main pro-independence party in the Assembly, the Nucleus Front. Paul Felix Benedetti, party president. It has been classified However, the agreement is a step forward in terms of the organizational capacity of Corsican institutions to caution“Nothing has been achieved yet.” He also warned that, for independence supporters, the law was only a “small stage” towards full sovereignty. The Nazis (the party joined by the other pro-independence party represented in the Assembly, Corsica Libera) denounced that the agreement below The proposal made by the Corsican government in 2023.

And now what?

This week's agreement is political and non-binding. The first planned step is a vote in the Corsican Assembly on the agreement reached with the French government. After that, it will be necessary to pass a constitutional reform law, which could include other amendments. The reform of the French constitution must be approved by the National Assembly, the Senate and the Congress, which must ratify it by a three-fifths majority. A referendum is still scheduled to be held in Corsica to finally approve the autonomy proposal.

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Will the road be easy?

not necessarily. Approval is likely to be in the Corsican Assembly, which could arrive at the end of this month. The moment of truth will come when this proposal, already drafted into law, reaches the French parliament. The French right, which represents the majority in the Senate, opposes Corsica's legislative autonomy. The head of the Republicans in this room, Bruno Retilio, He said Amendment of the laws by the Corsican community could be acceptable, but the island assembly could not approve the rules. Now that Ritello has come forward, his party's position would be “no”.

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