A man kills his parents in BCN and Mullins and commits suicide

A man kills his parents in BCN and Mullins and commits suicide

The Mossos d'Esquadra team investigates the violent deaths of three members of the same family. Agents were alerted after the body of a woman was found on Lope de Vega street, in Barcelona's Sant Martí district. The Mossos' criminal investigation department began procedures, which took them to the town of Molins de Re, where they found two more bodies with signs of violence. According to preliminary investigations, a man killed his mother and father and then committed suicide.

Police sources indicated that the alleged killer first killed his mother and then traveled with his father by car to an urban area in Molins de Re, in Collserola, where the family had a second residence there. On this property they found the body of the father, and a short time later also the lifeless body of the son, who was going to commit suicide immediately after committing parricide.

Jutjat d'Instrucció 30 in Barcelona, ​​as incident controller, took over this investigation. He ordered that the proceedings be kept secret.

The judicial committee, consisting of the judge, the public prosecutor, the coroner, and the Justice Department lawyer, began preparing the first steps to begin recovering the bodies.

Moussos explained that at approximately ten o'clock in the morning, the body of a woman was found in an apartment in the San Martí area of ​​​​Barcelona, ​​bearing signs of crime. The agents activated the court when they found that it would be a violent death.

An hour later, police in Molins de Re found the body of the father, who was apparently in the second residence, and then the body of the son, suspected of a double murder, who was going to commit suicide in a wooded area.

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“beautiful person”

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A neighbor of the family, who lived in the Carrer Lope de Vega area of ​​​​Barcelona, ​​explained to this newspaper: “The son was a beautiful person: his parents were sick and he left his home and work years ago to take care of him.” He was very sympathetic to them. They explained that he killed the mother and then took the father in a car.”

Two other area residents recorded more details about the family: “The father was 90 years old and had not been in good health for years. The mother, E, had a limp but was very active. A few days ago, he had a stroke, and “The son is a very nice person, very kind, and did everything he could for his parents.”

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