Is the baby too big for the bed? Recycle it this way: Ten smart ideas

Is the baby too big for the bed?  Recycle it this way: Ten smart ideas

If your baby is now outgrown and no longer fits in his bed, wait to get rid of it: you can recycle it with these innovative ideas.

When you have a child, especially in his childhood period, you have different expenses, as you have to buy everything you need to take care of him and make him feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, since children grow so quickly during childhood, what may be good and useful one day may not be so useful a few weeks later. This also happens with the cradle, since at a certain point you start allowing your baby to sleep in the cradle, and Instead of throwing it away or storing it in the basementand can be recycled in different ways, so you can continue to use them and get the most out of this purchase.

Recycle a crib: Here are 10 ideas you can try

There in particular 10 ways you can decide to recycle Giving new life to your child's bed, surely at least one of them can be the best solution for you.

Bed recycling

You can also decide to repaint the crib to make it more colorful –

As an office: In this case, you will need to buy a shelf to be placed horizontally so that you can rely on it, and instead move the crib railing to the lower shelf, in order to make it a suitable holder for things.

As a magazine owner: In this case it is enough to take the side of the cradle and place it vertically on the wall, so that you can use the pegs to place the magazines.

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As a garden sofa: You will need to buy some colorful fabrics and pillows. The fabric can be used to cover the crib mattress and the pillows are perfect for adding a pop of colour.

As a sofa for the living room: Just like the previous idea, the cradle can be modified to become a comfortable sofa.

Such as garden furniture: By removing one side of the crib, you can add a shelf directly above the mattress and use it to place crockery for an outdoor party.

Like a bookcase: In this case, you will need to take the backrests and join them in such a way that you can place the books inside, and then place them vertically against the wall.

Tool rack: In the same way, the backrest can be used to create a shelf to add hooks to hang various tools such as scissors, tapes and much more.

As a table – blackboardIn this case, you will need to buy a blackboard to replace the mattress and add two chairs so that your children can draw and play.

As a theatre: This solution is very easy to implement, as all you have to do is open one side of the crib and decorate it with different toys.

Serves as a drying rack: Finally, by taking the back of the cradle and placing it obliquely against the wall, you can use it to hang clothes after the washing machine.

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