Coppa, Pancetta and Salame Dop Piacentini to invade the United States

Coppa, Pancetta and Salame Dop Piacentini to invade the United States

Attend the Coppa, Bacon and PDO Piacentini Salami On a tour that started from New York by participating in “Luxury summer food“The most important event for the food and beverage sector in North America which opened in the heart of New Yorkto me Jovits Center in Manhattan. In fact, New York was the first stage of the institutional mission of the Emilia-Romagna region that extended until June 17 cities Boston, Washington, Philadelphiato combine skills and occupations in two regions – Emilia-Romagna and the northern United States – in some strategic sectors: Agriculture 4.0, agri-foodbut also Big data, artificial intelligence, life sciences, biotechnology and automobiles. And start cooperation and joint projects to boost exports and encourage investment. American operators, buyers and importers were especially appreciated, and the official tasting of the region with PDO Piacentini Salami took place in New York And the Philadelphia.

The Consortium PDO Piacentini Cured He was involved in the corporate mission of the Emilia-Romagna region in the USA through Jean-Pierre Ayad from Salumificio San Carlo already exporting to the USA. He was the media partner of the mission Radio Brunowhich covered appointments and events with live broadcasts, insights and reports in its Grs and on the daily schedule.

that of High quality food products – the so-called special food It is a major market in the United States: 170 billion dollars Value in 2020, with +19.4% in retail sales (+24% in the 2018 biennium). A trend seen in other data: About half of American consumers will be willing to change their habits to reduce environmental impact, a step toward Sustainability Another synonym for quality. The 44 PDO and PGI products from Emilia-Romagna It is included in specialty foods There is no doubt that these privileges make quality its strength, satisfying the interest of a growing share of American citizens.

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The United States represents The second export destination country for Emilia-Romagna After Germany and before France e Agri-food constitutes the third sector After the mechanics and health, with a value close to I 670 million euros in 2021. Among the most important growth factors are manufactured products and beverages. This is why the region intends to launch Agri-food promotion “Madein ER-USA 2022-2023”, which represents the task these days the beginning. Today at Fancy Food and meeting with exhibition organizers and participating companies are also laying the foundations for a possible more curated presence in the upcoming edition, with the area pavilion as well. The meeting held by the member of the Emilia-Romagna Council of Agriculture in Washington with Secretary of Agriculture of the US Federal GovernmentAnd the Thomas Vilsack To discuss the possibility of greater penetration of Emilia-Romagna products in the United States, which is still very restricted by restrictions, this is the case, for example, of cheese and deli meats, or spoiled by tradition completely unacceptable (Italian sounding): the topics also covered withItalian Trade Commission (ICE) in New York. Until Thursday meetings a Philadelphia With restaurants and representatives Large distribution in the United StatesIn fact, most specialty foods are sold in supermarkets (69%).

Therefore, a program by which the region intends to favor the market Food and Wine Franchise in Emilia-Romagna And the strengthen – strengthennor positioning In the United States, increase Protect high quality products organization, standardization and export expansionto define Support Tools adapts to the needs Business. So the goal of the mission is to launch a program that looks to the US market when American consumers demonstrate that they prefer and want to choose quality and safety.

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