USA unveils B-21 Rider: What the new nuclear bomber can do

USA unveils B-21 Rider: What the new nuclear bomber can do

Last November 10 a B-21 “Raider”It is a supersonic nuclear-capable strategic bomber developed by the American company Northrop Grumman. It took off at first light from Runway 42 at Edwards Base in California, carrying in the air the fruit of more than a decade of technological progress in the most advanced category. Aviation field: Capable strategic bombers stealthily That you compose and you will compose Nuclear triad From the United States of America.

It has already been defined as one of the developments.”Air power is the most important in recent years“, you will enter the B-21 Raiderwe air forces As soon as I Necessary tests It will ensure its full operation. Making it the most advanced and terrifying aerial platform on Earth.

The photos were published on social channels and on specialized portals such as: War zonefinally revealed its features on the bomber that will receive the baton from the B-2 Spirit, which is one of the most advanced air platforms on Earth, and the only one that has not been sold to third countries like the F-22 Raptor, whose design it resembles, based on the concept of a flying wing. Which led to the development of Horten 229 – Sun Wunderwaffen With whom the entire Third Reich banked – and always linked to the profile natural Subordinate The peregrine falcon.

From the concept of nuclear deterrence to future air dominance

Although the B-21 Raider is destined to become an essential part of… Nuclear triad The United States, which together with intercontinental and intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM and IRCM) and ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) represents the main nuclear deterrent force and deterrence force of NATO or what is still considered the “Western bloc”, this generation air platform could have been designed More recent to perform other tasks beyond this primary role. Ensuring maximum effectiveness in attacks with conventional weapons and boasting a series of capabilities that would allow the raider to fully integrate into them New strategies Synergistic thinking about the Pentagon.

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“The B-21 is multifunctional. It can handle everything from intelligence gathering to battle management“, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declared when the Raider was “revealed” to America and the world. But it is clear that the Raider falls primarily within what is defined as a “broad and secretive family of long-radius attack systems” as an aircraft carrier. A family that includes an armed cruise missile Nuclear warheads Classified as Long-term confrontation. It has been identified as one of the “major” weapon systems that invaders must carry. In addition to thinking as previously about guided bombs from the Paveway family and cruise missiles such as the Agm-158 Jassm missile.

After in-depth analysis of videos and photographs of the B-21 Rider’s maiden flight, analysts from the pilot they have I noticed Some of the “key features” in the lower section such as retractable navigation lights, similar to those on the B-2 that are retracted during combat missions, while radar reflectors and Lüneburg lenses – Another system Stealth technology – He was identified in the belly of the plane. The same section that can include additional internal “compartments” to house self-defense devices such as Decoy missiles To fool radars, guided missiles, booby traps, drones or simple missiles Joe Joe For use against enemy aircraft.

It is very likely that the B-21 will also benefit from developments in the program The next generation of air dominance. In this context, the US Air Force has already been planning to acquire “thousands of drones” for some time Self-confidentthus guided by artificial intelligence, to be combined with Traditional platforms As part of the tactical synergy program called Collaborative Combat Aircraft. Among these platforms also appear the Raiders bombers, which will represent, along with the F-22 and F-35, Air superiority fighter The future, which is already in the development stage, is the spearhead of the air component of the United States, and therefore also of NATO.

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