Conference League, Fiorentina Lech Poznan 2-3: What a danger for the Franks! In the end, Sutil and Castrovilli walked away out of fear

Conference League, Fiorentina Lech Poznan 2-3: What a danger for the Franks!  In the end, Sutil and Castrovilli walked away out of fear
Fiorentina win the Conference League semi-finals, even if in an unexpected way. All quiet after the impressive 4-1 success in Poland? never. The Italian squad suffers from the goals of Afonso Souza, Filde (from a penalty kick) and Sobekh. At 0-3, after the substitutions, Sutil and Castrovilli removed all worries and made it 2-3. A huge sigh of relief to Franchi and all the Viola fans for the narrow escape resulting from a three quarter match played in an unfocused and lackluster manner. In short, let all this serve as a lesson (it is, in fact, the second time that this has happened after the double challenge against Braga) in the baggage of experience that Terraciano and his companions will bring to the penultimate act of the third European. a race.


European Conference League

Fiorentina Lech Poznań 2-3, report cards: Bonaventura above all

21 minutes ago

Fiorentina Lech Poznan 2-3

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Terraciano Venuti, Milinkovic (46 min Martinez), Igor, Biraghi (54 min Terzic); Bonaventura (71′ Castrovilli), Mandragora, Barac; Nico Gonzalez, Jovic (71′ Cabral), Sutil (86′ Kwameh). All: Italian.

Poznan (3-4-1-2): Bednarik Milic, Karlstrom, Dagerstal; Skoras, Czerwinski (31′ Joel Pereira), Murawski (82′ Kvekveskiri), Rebocho; Afonso Souza (80′ Marchwinsky); Filde (80′ Ba Lua), Subic (79′ Isaac). All: van den Broome.

to rule: Rade Obrenovic (Slovenia).

Goal: 9′ Afonso Souza (left), 65′ pen. Felde (left), 69′ Subic (left), 78′ Sutil (female), 90′ + 2 Castrovelli (female).

Helps: Carlstrom (L, 0-3) Nico Gonzalez (Female, 2-3)

NB – Recovery: 3 + 6. Booked: Subic, Biraghi, Zerwinski, Milinkovic, Terzic, Venuti, Kvikvskiri, Skouras.

Match report at 11 key moments

9′ – Lech Poznań goal with Afonso Sosa! Skouras’s cross from the right, Venuti’s ill-fated goal on the opposite side (in front of Subic) and a very angled shot from the Portuguese No. 7: 0-1!

14′ – Fluffy on the outside! The ball is angled, Bednarik relaxes in sending the ball in for a corner kick.

28′ – Solar penalty kick lifted for Fiorentina! Neco Gonzalez is on the ground in the area, hit by a voluntary slap from Moroski, who is not interested in the ball. After checking the VAR, Slovenian referee Obrenović decided to continue.

45′ + 3 – Two-step Bonaventura! The former Milan player is unable to control Rebocho’s ball near the small area. What a missed opportunity!

46′ – Bonaventura Now! Steepness on the outside which, almost, does not make fun of Bednarik: the ball is just high.

59′ – Fiorentina is one step away from drawing with Jović! A great cross from Bonaventura, who launches a very powerful right foot: Bednarik blocks the ball at the exit which, with an empty net, does not score!

65′ – Lech Poznań goal with Filde from the penalty spot! A penalty was awarded – after a special VAR check – after a hasty tackle by newcomer Terzic, who kicked Skouras in the area in an attempt to return the ball. From the penalty spot, Fielde displaces Terraciano and scores 0-2!

69′ – Lech Poznan goal with Subish! Barak leaves Karlstrom on the right and the ball from behind to insert Sobic into the small area, which rebalances the aggregate score: 0-3, which adds up to 4-4!

78′ – Fiorentina goal with Sutil! After a free kick by Mandragora from the right, the ball was headed by Morawski, but at the feet of Viola No. 33, who opens the right board, and quickly finds the farthest corner, scoring a very beautiful and important goal!

90′ + 2 – Fiorentina’s goal with Castrovilli! A counterattack by Barak and then, on the right, a ball in the middle of Barak by Nico Gonzalez, able to leave the initiative to Castrovilli, who scores with an unstoppable low shot: 2-3 and qualify in the safe!

90′ + 4 – Another Electrophile and Toxin breakthrough! The ball sponsors the post to the right of Bednarik!

The best

Bonaventure. He is the only one who gives grit and quality when things go wrong. Jovic needs genuine ‘chocolate’ for the potential 1-1 match, but – needless to say – the former Real is wasting it all. Comes out with muscular problems: I hope, really, nothing serious.

Radoslav Morawski and Giacomo Bonaventura during the Fiorentina-Lech Poznań match – Conference League 2022-23

Credit: Photo Getty Images

the worst

Come. Indeed, Afonso Sousa needs the ball to make it 0-1, with a disengagement in the middle of the area to forget it. Then he is always insecure and imprecise, as a right-back in Viola’s defense who “dances” throughout the game.

social moment

Report cards

Baron: “Italio’s future is in Fiorentina: we are very happy with him”

European Conference League

Fiorentina Lech Poznań 2-3, report cards: Bonaventura above all

21 minutes ago

European Conference League

Lech Poznań Fiorentina 1-4, report cards: stately Nico Gonzalez

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