Milan – Udinese, tickets at 1 euro. Ultrà tickets with Daspo: fined the club

The match at 18.45 on Friday kicked off the box office: the Rossoneri began an upgrade to fill the meazza as much as possible. In the meantime, the club receives a penalty from the Milan police headquarters

Tickets for 1 euro in eleven sectors of the Meazza. This is the initiative that Milan is promoting in view of Milan and Udinese, to try to fill the stadium even in a rather complicated match from the point of view of the tables: the match, in fact, is scheduled for Friday at 6.45 pm. Returning capacity to 75% would theoretically allow 56,904 spectators in the Meazza: to get as close as possible to this threshold, the club on Via Aldo Rossi launched “Promo Friends”.

What is it about? Those who buy a full ticket – or a ticket under 30 or over 60 – are entitled to a maximum of 3 additional tickets, priced at €1 each. The sectors in which the promotion is valid are present in all three rings of the factory: armchairs Arancio, Arancio Centrale and Arancio Centrale X; the second central and lateral red; second central and lateral orange; second green; third central and lateral red; Third Blue: A way to hear the fans up close, just as Milan is busy in the Scudetto.

The punishment

Meanwhile, Milan also received a fine. The commissioner of the Milan Police, Giuseppe Petronzi, has appealed the administrative violation related to the sale of tickets at a reduced price to people affected by Daspo. The offense provides for a “reduced” payment of 6,667 euros. And the fine was issued at the end of investigations that began in September 2021 after the alleged sale of tickets by Milan, on the occasion of matches at home, to more Daspo beneficiaries or other preventive measures. It was supposed to pass through the AC Milan federation and tickets are referred to in the “Secondo Blu” club. Investigators discovered, also through testimonies, that in some cases the coupons were labeled “Aimc Tariff” but were offered to fans not affiliated with the association but bound by Curva Sud. There has also been an increase in the nominal ticket price. I found that would fuel the phenomenon of secondary ticketing. Milan’s “Secondo Blu” club is made up of about 2,000 people mostly belonging to the upper Curva Sud and is headed by a different recipient of Daspo’s actions, a 35-year-old – who has never been rehabilitated – as reported by the police department. Tickets are sold through AIMC stations, which you buy individually on the basis of a list of names collected by organized supporters and sent by email. Then, prior to the match, the vouchers are emailed to the 35-year-old or other people associated with Curva Sud who pay with cash.

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