Playmaker and midfielder coming. For the rest you need patience and… Nico Gonzalez

Playmaker and midfielder coming. For the rest you need patience and… Nico Gonzalez

Enzo Boccioni’s editorial for Violanews. Full market, with two midfielders arriving but not only that. Also watch out for the defence and the Gudmundsson deal

As usual, Fiorentina surprises everyone. For several days there has been talk of another striker (Luca? Dalinga?) or the attackers (Gudmundsson? Colbany?) While in reality, the purple market men focus on All efforts in the midfield. Upcoming purchases should be not playingThe player who is entrusted with the team keys and playing times and another Most Physical Midfielderon the run, but still able to see the game and the setting.

Palladino has a few reference units in mind, namely: 3-4-2-1 and 3-4-3In both cases there were two midfielders. He is still on the staff to this day. Mandrake, We will see if the coach wants to recycle Barak in the interior role, and then the youngsters Bianco and Amatucci are under examination. This is clearly the department most lacking in personnel.

I talked about the playmaker who should be the first shot, but Fiorentina had the agreement for days. Thorstvedt Waiting to find a meeting point with Sassuolo. Fiorentina offers six million plus bonusesThe emails requested nine. Negotiations are hot, and may be completed within the next few hours.

Even the idea resists Franks, A few transfer sessions, but here too Wolfsburg’s request for fifteen million is Away from the nine ten that Viola suggested.. Vranckx is a player who also knows how to play in front of the defense, is more flexible and able to play multiple roles. However, Bresciaini’s position seems out of reach, with a lot of competition, but he should always stay alive.

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