Como U-15, terrible kids: “We deserved it”

Como U-15, terrible kids: “We deserved it”

young man “Milan may have been disappointed, but if we win 3-1 it’s clear we deserved it.”

The Como Under 15s are back on the field on Sunday at 11pm in Briosco for the first leg of their tournament semi-final against Empoli. An unexpected result so far given that no team at youth level has managed to get this far in Calcio Como’s history.

How do you feel when you find yourself among the top four teams in Italy in Serie A and Serie A? Positive feelings – Mr. Paolo Volonte’s responses – about the past and future period. I’m confident and calm because if we’ve come this far, we deserve it. I have respect for the opponent but no fear and no fear. We play it and then whoever is better in the two games will play the final. At the moment we are doing something really unique.”

Your journey so far is incredible: “There has been constant growth. The boys were good, they always performed well not only in competitions but also in training weeks. This team is mature for its age and knows what it has to do.”

I eliminated Milan with three colors on their shirts: «And here I want to get rid of some pebbles, because I hear people say that Milan is angry because they lost to Como. They may have been disappointed, but if we win 3-1 we obviously deserve it.”

You will face Empoli who, perhaps for a less demanding group than yours, will get here undefeated. So how will you defeat the Tuscans? “We have to be good at playing in spaces because it creates densities where the ball is, so if you get out of those densities, there’s an open field.”

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