USA, hires fake priest in his restaurant to spy on employees: reported

USA, hires fake priest in his restaurant to spy on employees: reported

A California restaurant owner has been charged with hiring a fake priest to extract confessions from his employees about their behavior at work

How do you defeat the enemy? Pretending to be a friend.

It went somewhat like this Californiain which the restaurant owner hires a file Fake priest To extract confessions from its employees about their behavior at work and to initiate targeted controls and possible measures.

human bed bugs

Behavior towards its employees that US federal inspectors who took over the investigation then called “disgraceful” Workers’ complaints: The matter ended up in Federal Court of the US Department of Labor, and the case was closed with Employer conviction.

The indictment alleged that his employer, who operated two clubs in Northern California, hired a man posing as a priest to Hear the confessions of the workers during working hours and inform him of what they heard: he called on them to “lift the sins of their conscience,” which the employees say.

what goes around comes around

The employer’s goal was to understand whether any of the employees usually arrive late, steal money from the cash register, or simply file a complaint against him.

He was so attentive to the behavior of his workers, that he forgot to take care of his own. Irregular salaries And Unpaid overtimeAn investigation by labor inspectors found that the restaurant was preventing employees from paying overtime. The icing on the cake: Ask the waiters for tips received from customers.

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