The US House of Representatives dismisses its Speaker, McCarthy, for the first time in history: This is why this is a victory for Trump

The US House of Representatives dismisses its Speaker, McCarthy, for the first time in history: This is why this is a victory for Trump

It all started with compromise With Democrats to avoid that close (That is by saying Paralysis of administrative activities Which includes, for example, opening museums and monuments, carrying out civil trials and public financing of small businesses and individuals) and from there a movement For a far-right Republican congressman Matt Gaetz To remove Kevin McCarthy From the position of Speaker (equivalent to our President). Successful attempt Trumpianwho decided to come to terms with the Republican establishment to dictate the line The grand old party. A victory that confirms the former president’s commitment to the party. 8 representatives were enough Job To make less a McCarthy His slim majority, given that the Democrats did not give him any help: the vote ended with a majority of 216 yes and 210 no. It is the first time in history United State Which has members room They fire the speaker. Democrats are considered McCarthy He cannot be relied upon after he broke the budget agreement with the president Joe Biden They are angry at his decision to give the green light for an impeachment investigation. However, some members of his party also spoke out against the Speaker. GatesIn fact, in a previous speech to the Chamber, he had asked A McCarthy To reveal the details of the alleged agreement that the speaker concluded with White House To help finance the war Ukraine As part of negotiations to refinance the activities of the federal government.

Republican accusations of McCarthy But his impeachment caused a political, parliamentary earthquake in the United States. Rise to the forefront records The charges — which were later dismissed — counted for one relationship With a minor and exploitation of prostitution, Gates accuse McCarthy Of not keeping promises and flirting Opposition: Especially because it was Postponing the closure for a month and a half With the votes of the Democrats and to have a “secret side agreement” with them Biden To continue financing Kyiv By special law (which Republican Senators). “Go for it,” the speaker replied before putting the motion to a vote, determined not to be a pawn of a handful of MAGA cronies and to risk everything in this direct challenge. But already in the first vote to postpone the proposal, he understood that he did not have the numbers to survive DEM United against him and now he will have to nominate his temporary replacement until a new president is elected, which will certainly not be easy and threatens to paralyze Parliament. Congress Just when he has to negotiate the next spending bill. “McCarthy He was fired today because no one trusts him anymore, he made too many controversial promises. “Now we are done with the age, let us move on to the next Speaker of Parliament,” he said. Gates At the end of the vote. Capitol Hill And thus falls into a state of chaos and uncertainty, with the Republican Party Which, despite the majority in roomhe does “harakiri” and makes a show of inability to judge which is definitely not helpful Grand old party Before the elections.

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Elimination in the context of foreign policy – the Earthquake Arrives same day Joe Biden Calls on NATO and EU leaders to ‘coordinate support for Ukraine’ and stresses aid will continue ‘as long as it is needed’, after doubts raised by anti-Ukraine clause close Without me 6 billion Scheduled for Kyiv And warning of Pentagon to Congress Regarding the drain of funds in the short term village Attack. Partners and allies have now responded, including the Prime Minister Georgia MeloniWhich “confirmed its continuity and conviction.” With support from the Italian government To the Ukrainian authorities in all fields as long as necessary, with the aim of achieving a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.” But Admiral Rob Powerthe highest military official in the coalition, and the Ministry defense British They warned against sending Western ammunition stocks to it Kyiv They ran out. Under no circumstances can we allow American support for Ukraine to stop. He warned that the lives of many children and many people are at risk Biden On Monday at a government meeting in White HouseWhere is the official spokesman for the US National Security Council today John Kirby He warned that “US aid to Ukraine will only last a few months” if Capitol Hill does not act. Biden added: “I fully expect the Speaker of the House and the majority of Republicans in Congress to maintain their commitment to ensuring the passage of the necessary support to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression and brutality,” recalling the words of the former Secretary of State. Madeleine Albright declared that the United States is “the indispensable nation in the world.”

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But only after a few hours Gates He submitted a motion of no confidence against mccarthy, To which he had already been presented the desired nomination by a majority of 15 votes. A very rare move: Since its founding in 1910, only two speakers have faced it and no one has ever fallen, even if the Republicans in 2015 John BonnerAfter the proposal, he decided to resign, knowing his inability to unite his party’s representatives. Democrats voted uniformly against the speaker, preferring not to throw him any saving graces and allow the rival party’s divisions to explode.

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