The Secret (And Unlimited) War of Kiev-

The Secret (And Unlimited) War of Kiev-

the The Ukrainians are testing the enemy’s defenses On the land front, along rivers, within Russia and in the Black Sea A strategy that sets no limitsThe secret Pentagon Papers and recent developments also reveal.

The Resistance again attempted to bomb the Sevastopol base using at least three drones, which meant that – according to Moscow – they were stopped before they could reach the targets. The Russians are on their guard: they have placed six palisades outside the port and at its mouth, with nets, barges and removable obstacles. It is the first line of defense combined by patrol boats and army with rapid fire weapons To stop kamikaze remote controlled vehicles. However, the Ukrainian raiders still tried with repeated overtures. They are looking for vulnerabilities, destroying some protection to Understand if gates can be opened. They create conversions by making the opponent focus on the sector. They aim to harm the cargo, even if it is not easy.

So far, they’ve used two types of boats that are remotely piloted and built “in-house”However, it proved insufficient to breach the fort. Therefore, they are looking for new tactics and new “tankers”, equipped with powerful charges that can be driven more effectively. Will they find the answer with the help of their industry or will they try to go abroad? The market for “submerged” weapons is very dynamicThere is a ‘high’ demand for products from Asia to the Middle East, and solutions are being studied, but there are reasons for opportunities/security as to what can be sold or not. Especially if the consequences of their use are serious.

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The Ukrainians have the Black Sea Fleet in their virtual “periscope”, but it cannot be ruled out that a new action against the Kerch Bridge in the Crimea, in the past – according to the approved version – with a truck bomb.

These are military missions with potential ramifications in other areas, which is why NATO follows them closely, and is generous in aid but fears escalation. One of the reasons why the Pentagon does not allow long-range missiles.

The latest “dose” of top secret documents revealed by the pilot Teixeira provides hints in this regard.

On the anniversary of the invasion, the Ukrainians were ready to attack Russia within its borders, in particular the port of Novorossiysk. An operation that is carried out using every available weapon. The plan would have been halted by pressure from Washington transmitted through intelligence channels. The Americans did not want to further escalate the confrontation with the Kremlin and asked the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, Kirillo Budanov, to stop it. Shadow man – always according to the rumors he spreads Washington Post – he have The initiative was suspended and then diluted into isolated actions, usually entrusted to the drones.

Like a few hours, with the discovery of a drone in Bogorodosk, just 50 kilometers from the capital. It contained 17 kilograms of explosives in the warhead. Then the prospect of seeing a second drone alarmed the Moscow airport. Constant but not always exciting events. which does not exclude anything else. Budanov thought of targeting Wagner’s mercenaries in theaters far from Europe, in Mali and Syria, relying on local fighters. These are projects that have been shelved for later, but nonetheless an affirmation of the desire to be daring. And they realize this in the Kremlin.

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Kiev wages covert warfare, indicating it is involved even when it is not, denying when helpful or simply indicating. The approach has advantages, but it is a Inevitably, she is first on the list of suspects When a character is eliminated in a Russian city, as in the murder of Dugin’s daughter Daria and extremist blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

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