February 1, 2023

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US: Biden signs infrastructure bill, “proof that DEM and Republicans can work together”

$ 1.2 trillion package

The plan includes a $ 550 billion federal investment in US infrastructure over the next five years

US President Joe Biden has signed the White House Infrastructure Bill, a $ 1.2 trillion package of initiatives initiated thanks to the bilateral agreement. “I know people are tired of the fighting in Washington,” Biden said. “The bill I’m going to sign is proof that Democrats and Republicans can work together.

Members of Congress, governors and mayors attended a bilateral event organized to sign the bipartisan bill on the south lawn of the White House. The plan includes $ 550 billion in federal investments in U.S. infrastructure over the next five years, including $ 65 billion in investment in roads, bridges, mass transportation, railways, airports, ports, broadband development and billions of dollars in improvements. Electricity and water systems. A further 7.5 billion will go to build a network of nationwide plug-in electric vehicle chargers.

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