March 26, 2023

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At half past eight, Caracciolo removed Gruber, saying, “At war with China.” American move

The Americans would have decided to shorten the duration of the war in Ukraine.” To explain the next American step, in the Ukrainian conflict, Lucio Caracciolo who was a guest at “Half past eightIn the Friday, March 4 episode, he reveals a terrifying background for Lily Gruber and her viewers. The reasoning of a leading analyst of international geopolitics was as follows: “For them, the problem of China is more important than the problem of Russia. . The US military industry cannot produce overnight, by decision of President Biden, what is needed to arm the Ukrainians beyond a certain limit.

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However, according to Caracciolo, the real concern for the US defense would be this: “The Pentagon thinks: sorry, we will eventually wage war with China, not with Russia, so why give up arms to fight Russia if we have it then? There is nothing left in stock if We went to war with China?”. Then the La7 announcer asked her guest with some concern: “Is the end of the war near?” And the expert hesitates: “No, or rather, I hope so, but this American option will have some difficulty in taking shape. Because Russia liked it.”

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