Immoral sport in the United States

This is called a type Squid game To the teachers. Ten teachers kneel in the snow and try to catch as many bills as possible to buy school supplies for their classes. This is a controversial charity initiative launched by a hockey team and a bank at Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Dash for money (I.e. ‘cash betting’). For the purpose of the organizers, it was a charity event in favor of local schools, in fact it was a disgraceful event that drew harsh criticism, considering that South Dakota teachers are the worst paid in the United States, while the other teaching profession is generally less profitable.

“We know schools need funding these days and we’re trying to do what we can to help them, and we’re having fun doing that,” said Jim Hollander, captain of the Sioux Falls hockey team, but later. The bank acknowledged that instead of being a “positive and fun experience for teachers” they became embroiled in controversy, which turned out to be “insulting and offensive to participants and the teaching profession in general.” To alleviate the embarrassment, the organizers explained that they had received requests for participation from 31 teachers and drew 10 lucky ones. Participants each received at least $ 500: now they will receive another $ 500, as well as 21 non-drawn teachers.

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Some of the editors who attended told a local newspaper Leader of the Arcus

The Sioux Falls Teachers’ Association thundered against the event, recalling the collapse of the entire school system not only from the region but throughout the state. Not only local, but many commentators have pointed out how Dash for money It represents a very limited moment, however it arose from such an admirable purpose as to support the teachers, especially after all they had done in these times of epidemics. “Should I ask any other business to raise money this way?” Renault F. Kennedy, a Democratic senator from Sioux Falls and a professor at the University of Augustana; Nesiba called the incident “disrespectful, offensive and absurd.” Many, including the daughter of Martin Luther King, have criticized the attempt to point to low funding for public schools in the United States in the face of massive military spending.

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