On the highway about 2.5 euros per liter – Corriere.it

On the highway about 2.5 euros per liter – Corriere.it

Fuel prices continue to rise. According to what the managers reported on January 7, price lists in some regions of Italy are at record levels: on the island of Vulcano (in Sicily, in the Aeolian Islands) The price of diesel was 2.35 euros per liter and petrol 2.24 euros per liter; In La Maddalena, Sardinia, the price of petrol rises to 2.09 euros per liter and diesel to 2.23 euros. Green in Ischia costs €2.05 per liter and diesel costs €2.10. on the highway network, The price of diesel has reached 2.5 euros per liter (to be exact, a peak of 2.479).

Exorbitant prices on the highway

Prices are more uneven on the motorway: in the A1 Rome-Milan, petrol in service mode is €2.39 per litre, while diesel is €2.48; On the green A4 Brescia-Padova motorway at 2.38 per liter and the diesel at 2.4. To raise the alarm about the exorbitant costs of fuel for Codacons: they seem to be out of control – says President Carlo Renzi – and after stopping tax cuts we are witnessing Strong price list increases at the pump across the territoryThe size of which does not seem in any way to justify the direction of oil prices. For this reason, we have submitted a complaint to 104 public prosecutors throughout Italy and to the Guardia di Finanza, asking them to investigate the prices of petrol and diesel in order to ascertain any speculation or unjustified price increases.

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Assembly complaint

It also follows the complaint of Assoutenti, who considers fuel to be a real emergency in Italy, and follows that of the bills. The association reports the imposition of abnormal taxes on diesel and petrol. The failure to renew tax cuts didn’t just make them jump higher Prices are at the pump, but it has put Italy back among the most expensive countries in Europe On Introduction to Fuel – Assoutenti Analytics -. Currently, our country, with an average of 1.89 euros per liter, ranks third in the European Union for the highest diesel price, behind only Sweden and Finland. While we are in fourth place for petrol (1.83 euros per litre).. Before the return of the excise duty to its original state, Italy was twelfth for the cost of diesel and tenth for the cost of green. In terms of diesel taxes, as noted by the association, our country ranks first with 0.958 euros per liter.

fuel taxes

Analyzing this data, it can be seen that, compared to the European average, Italians pay 24.8 cents more for a liter of petrol, and 24.2 cents more for diesel. The European comparison shows how Italian motorists pay for the tax Abnormal which makes the price lists reach the highest levels in Europe – says President Furio Trozzi -. We wonder if Prime Minister Meloni is aware of these figures And whether it intends to intervene to avoid a new economic emergency will inevitably have heavy direct and indirect effects on families and businesses.

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