Alexei Navalny, a Russian dissident isolated in an Arctic prison, has died

Alexei NavalnyThe 47-year-old main Russian opposition figure died on Friday in prison, according to the prison services in the Yamalya region, where he was transferred in December.

The death occurred suddenly, as they explained in a detailed statement “He fainted after walking”.

Alexei Navalny, in September 2023, during a video conference from prison on the occasion of the appeal hearing (Reuters/Yulia Morozova)

They add that they did to him Resuscitation maneuvers, which did not yield results. It was then Transferred to hospital From the city of Labetnangi, which is close to the prison – according to the funds of this center reported by Interfax – where the doctors work They were going to try to save Navalny for half an hour“.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed they had not There is no information about the causes of death Navalny. “Doctors should clarify this,” he added.

“I was healthy and happy”

According to what was reported by the Russian TASS news agency. Navalny did not have any health problems at recent days.

navalny's wife, Lyudmila NavalnayaHis son said “He was alive, healthy and happy.” When he last saw him on Monday 12 February.

He made this clear in a Facebook post compiled by Novaya Gazeta, in which he also said he did not want to hear “any expression of condolence.”

Navalny's wife blames Putin

Navalny's wife, Yulia Navalnaya, said that if the Russian dissident's death is certain, she wants “Putin and all his entourage, friends and government to know that they will have to take responsibility for what they did in our country.” For my country, my family and my husband. That day will come very soon.

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The Navalny couple received the news while speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

Navalnya was skeptical of news of her husband's sudden death because it came from Russian government sources: “We cannot trust Putin or his government. They always lie.”

He made an appeal because everyone The international community to unite “against the terrible regime” in Russia.

Iulia Navalnaya spoke this afternoon at the Munich Security Conference (Reuters)

Missing for two weeks

Navalny's lawyers reported him missing on November 11, when he was scheduled to appear in court from prison. Until then he had been detained in the IK-6 penal colony in Russia's Vladimir region, less than 200 kilometers from Moscow.

The mystery of his whereabouts was solved two weeks later when it was learned that he was being held in solitary confinement in an Arctic penal colony.

Alexei Navalny on the plane on which he returned to Russia from Germany in January 2021 (Reuters/Polina Ivanova)

Navalny, Estava Detained since February 2021This occurred shortly after his voluntary return to Russia from Germany, where he traveled to receive medical treatment after being poisoned.

In March 2022, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for large-scale fraud. This was the highest ruling issued by the Russian regime against Navalny.

“Putin killed him”

Leonid VolkovThe founder of the Progress Party, who was an advisor to Navalny in the 2018 presidential election campaign, showed his conviction that if the news of Navalny's death is true, then Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is responsible.

“We have no basis to believe state propaganda. If this is true, it is not “Navalny died,” but “Putin killed him.”“, he wrote in a message on X/Twitter

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Mikhail KhodorkovskyAn exiled Russian businessman who has been critical of the Kremlin, he also said that if Navalny died, Putin would be responsible.

Dmitry MuratovThe Russian journalist who won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize also assumed that Navalny's death was a murder.

An opponent of Putin has never been able to appear in a presidential election

Lawyer and activist, Alexei Navalny, rose to prominence across social media and alternative media with corruption allegations against Russian leaders, including President Putin.

He participated in many demonstrations and was arrested on several occasions. In 2013, he ran for mayor of Moscow and received 27% of the vote.

Alexei Navalny, in March 2018, calls for a boycott of the presidential elections (Reuters/Evgeny Feldman)

Navalny in 2018 He tried to appear in the presidential electionsBut the Election Commission excluded him, which is what happened to him this year Boris Nadezhdinthe candidate who opposed the invasion of Ukraine.

In 2020, Navalny fell ill during a domestic flight. His health deteriorated rapidly and he sought treatment outside Russia. In Germany they decided that it was Poisoned with Novichok nerve agent.

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