Alberto, the killer of Jordi de Sant Sadurni d’Annoya, is one of Spain’s most wanted fugitives.

Alberto, the killer of Jordi de Sant Sadurni d’Annoya, is one of Spain’s most wanted fugitives.

the Mussos of Squadra They are clear about that. Alberto Severo de Souza MadureiraA 53-year-old Portuguese man is the one who killed A. Jordi Diaz Vallesa 41-year-old man, last March Saint Sadurni DanoyaShe left him, presumed dead, in her house, turned on the air conditioner to prevent the stench from getting rid of him early, and then fled. Days later, without knowing anything about this man, who worked in a pharmacy in the municipality of Alt Penedès, the Mossos discovered the body in the house, and he had already been dead for days, he said. Elcaso Cat.

to’Albertowho was in a romantic relationship with the victim, and had already fled. The man is now one of the ten most wanted fugitives in Spain, according to Spanish authorities. National PoliceWhich published the name and photos of this fugitive accused of the crime. Saint SadurniNine other people, all men, are linked to various crimes and are wanted by state and international courts.

He fled after the crime in San Sadurni d’Annoia.

According to information provided by the National PoliceAlberto Severo de Souza Madureira He has a tendency to flee, is 53 years old, Portuguese, slim, with white skin, brown hair and brown eyes. His whereabouts are unknown, although the National Police confirm that he is probably still in the country and has not fled to Portugal or any other country. Since March, the Mossos family has issued an arrest warrant for him, due to his alleged connection to Jordi’s crime. A court in Vilafranca, which is handling the case, has also ordered his arrest.

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Post a picture of this wanted man Career of Rosa Sensat to Saint Sadurni Danoyain Alt Penedes, could be the key to being able to locate and arrest him. Since that day, no one has heard anything about him. He fled in a car and haunted the investigators. Dubai Internet city From the southern capital area, they tried to follow in his footsteps, but to no avail. They believe he is still hiding in the country, but they have not been able to locate him.

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