Climate change, ‘dead count’ begins ▷ Meluzzi Rails: “Hired science”

Climate change, ‘dead count’ begins ▷ Meluzzi Rails: “Hired science”

Climate change news is gradually filling the spaces of Italy’s information landscape. This process occurs following a pattern that we already knew during the Covid19 pandemic. There is an “official version” supported by “science” that cannot be challenged, and it is impossible to argue with it. A reality we live in today is very far from the model of the scientific method. That’s when it rains on us devicesuch as on our newsstands or television, such as the news featured on TgCom24 in the last days: “Istat, in Italy deaths are increasing due to climate change. Articles like this one by Fabio Durante:”A typical example of how things can be manipulated, called science, to divert attention from more serious problems“.

But how is it possible today to discern the place of “real science”? According to Meluzzi:Science is always the daughter of a theoretical system that feeds on W.’s philosophy Ideology and like all ideologies also have some amenities. There are cases when the world’s great systems and cozy pigs unite, just think of the case of Galileo and his conflict with the Catholic Church. but today Science is not what they want to sell us as a brochure for a pharmaceutical company or a productThe problem is that product generators have taken over the so-called science

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