Michelle Hunziker is proud to have a dream garage: all the models in her collection

Michelle Hunziker is proud to have a dream garage: all the models in her collection

Italy’s most famous showgirls boast a good range of cars. Let’s take a look into Michelle Hunziker’s garage for her all-time favorites.

Few figures in the Italian entertainment world – and Swiss given his ancestry – have achieved his level of fame Michelle HunzikerA presenter, presenter, showrunner and actress born in 1977 who has at least one appearance in all the major Italian TV shows with the most listeners in the last 20 years.

The dream garage of Michel Hunziker (ANSA) – Mondofuoristrada.it

In addition to appearing in a large number of films, Hunziker He flaunts appearances In all the major Italian TV shows including Festivalbar, Scherzi a parte and of course Striscia la Notizia which he hosted many times alongside Now to Jerry Scotty, now to Ezio Greggio, now to Enzino Iacchetti. But the woman also had a secret passion that not everyone was aware of.

Michelle is actually a fan of engines to the point of owning them private group A not bad car for which there is no shortage of historical models, which are sought after or simply suitable for a jog on the highway. Among other things, the first car that catches the eye in his personal garage also has a very original paint job, like very few cars seen on the road.

Porsche passion!

The most interesting car in Hunziker’s range is for sure Porsche 911 Turbo In fuchsia, which the actress still maintains. The car was – it is said – given to her for her birthday by ex-husband Tommaso Trussardi and appears to be a particularly sought-after and powerful model with a total of just under 600hp. A real supercar.

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Porsche 911 as Michel Hunziker! (ANSA) – Mondofuoristrada.it

Showgirl group It definitely doesn’t stop there: over the years, in fact, the paparazzi have also “caught” her on board a beautiful always completely black Porsche Panamera alongside her former partner, another white Porsche 911 complete with spoiler and also on board an old Porsche Carrera series dating back to The 1970s though unfortunately we don’t have much information on the subject.

In short, a great passion for the German brand, but it doesn’t end there. Recently Showgirl seen Even on board a much less expensive car, the small Smart Fortwo in a convertible version drove the woman in the company of Aurora Ramazzotti. Guess what his favorite brand is at this point?

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