Climate change and aspirin kids

Climate change and aspirin kids

Climate change due to human activities is a real and scientifically proven caseThis phenomenon is called Global Warming. Climate has always changed, but there is strong evidence that current climate changes are increasing climate variability.

Virgilor Publio Virgilio Marone a poet born in 70 BC in Cisalpine Gaul in his writings, speaking of the changing climate, of the chapters of the past that no longer exist.

Giacomo Leopardi too He talks about climate change. From what can be seen from his autobiography, he was a devoted reader of the natural sciences, astronomy, and the influence of climate on human behavior. The vigilant Leopardi leaves in one of his writings (Thoughts) these sentences:

“I suppose everyone remembers that they had heard from his elders several times, as I remember from my country, that the wines became colder than they were, and that the winters are longer; and that, in their time, already toward Easter, they were accustomed to leave their winter garments, and take their state garments; Any boom today, according to their opinion, only in May, and sometimes in June, one can suffer … “

The climate was changing until then. He lived from 1798 to 1837 in the middle of the Little Ice Age. One of many climate fluctuations.

we will, Science formalizes climate change with strong evidenceHowever, some people laugh at it on social networks. The same applies to the concept of weather forecasting, where in Italy, despite the proliferation of weather sites and the use of applications, there are those who make fun of them, especially those who talk about the future climate, they abuse science. We have also been offended in reporting data and information from scientific sources.

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Science has distant originsquite different from 50 or 10 years old, in that he’s making progress in every area every single day.

Science was the creation of fire, such as primary care for patients. These innovations gradually increased the duration of human life, and gave birth to well-being.

In the late Paleolithic, life expectancy was about 18 years, but if you reach 15 years, this increases to 25-37 years.

In the Neolithic, it can reach 50-60 after 15 years. In the Bronze Age and Iron Age, life expectancy up to 15 years was between 28 and 36 years. After 15 years, life expectancy was on average 50-60 years.

The deaths were mostly infantile due to the lack of vaccinesAnd every disease caused by viruses has caused a high death rate among children. After the average age is 15 years, antibody developmentthose who are vaccinated today can also live to 60 years, an age comparable today to more than 90, but they suffer from diseases and often without teeth.

However, The man offends scienceA luxury gained with modernity. We have better hygiene and medicine, but at the same time we eat poorly and foods often contain harmful substances. The old men were moderately thin and strong without ever going to the gym. Today they did not suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and stress. Tumors were apparently less common.

However, today, longevity has increased significantly. In Western countries, infant mortality has almost disappeared.

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Science offers us opportunities to live better and healthier into old age. Yet science is being discredited, especially in recent times. We are the children of aspirina colossal discovery, like Antibiotics and vaccines. And who knows that many diseases will not be resolved soon.

Science is getting more cynical than it was in the past when it talks about climate change. But this is just ignorance, lack of knowledge of things.

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