Science, effects of the Mediterranean diet and the brain: Reduced risk of dementia by 23%

Science, effects of the Mediterranean diet and the brain: Reduced risk of dementia by 23%

Science Affirmations Never End: A traditional Mediterranean type diet Rich in foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts Lower risk of dementia. A study published in the journal says so BMC MedicinesPeople who are more faithful to the Mediterranean diet have a higher risk of developing dementia up to 23% less Compared to those who follow few gastronomic traditions in the Mediterranean region. Just a few days ago, he researched the Mediterranean diet keeps the brain, which is “cleaner”, With less accumulation of toxic proteins. The new work is directed by Oliver Shannon from newcastle university, He finds his strength in numbers: Analyze the experts Data from 60,298 individuals from the UK Biobank. The authors assigned subjects scores using two measures of adherence to the Mediterranean diet. Over an average of 9.1 years of observation, 882 cases of dementia developed. The authors also considered each individual’s genetic risk of dementia. They found that participants with the highest adherence to the Mediterranean diet had a 23% lower risk of developing dementia than those with the lowest adherence score, equating to an absolute risk reduction of 0.55%. No significant interaction was found between genetic risk of dementia and adherence to the Mediterranean diet, a fact that, according to the authors, could indicate that the association between greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet and reduced risk of dementia is persistent. Regardless of individual genes dementia risk. The authors concluded that a Mediterranean diet with high intakes of healthy plant foods may be an important intervention to include in future dementia risk reduction strategies.

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