“Bene Fai per tutti”: Viatris along with Fai for greater inclusivity and access to culture

A project dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities with the aim of promoting greater access to the assets of the Italian Environmental Fund. The initiative – designed and implemented by the association. The non-profit capacity with the De Agostini Foundation is made possible by the support of Viatris – relaunched this year with the participation of 11 Beni Fai throughout Italy.

June 20

This year FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano ETS renews its commitment to greater inclusivity and access to culture, with the relaunch of the “Bene FAI for All” project dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities, launched in 2016 to allow all visitors to fully experience the foundation’s assets And without difficulty.

The initiative – designed and implemented by the Onlus Association with the De Agostini Foundation and made possible by the support of Viatris – has over the years come to include eleven FAI assets across Italy, which can now be downloaded from the website www.benefaipertutti.it Special guides in pidgin ( Suitable for both adults, children and adolescents), which is constantly updated thanks to a multidisciplinary working group: experts in cultural heritage and accessibility, pedagogy, neuropsychologists, psychologists and educators.

These are ‘easy-to-read’ texts rich in pictures, illustrations and maps, making the visit an inclusive and enjoyable experience and allowing guests and their caregivers (parents, teachers and caregivers) to learn about places, learn about their history, characteristics and curiosities in an engaging way, thanks to communication tools designed to reduce stress and difficulties in understanding Contextualize people with disabilities, removing barriers that prevent them from being an active part of the visit.

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The FAI assets currently included in the project are Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan, Villa and Panza Collection in Varese, Castello and Parco di Masino in Caravino (TO), Olivetti department store in Venice, Villa dei Vescovi in ​​Luvigliano di Torreglia (PD), Tower and Casa Campatelli in San Gimignano (SI), Villa Gregoriana Park in Tivoli (RM), Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi (PG), Casa Noha in Matera, Santa Maria de Serrat Monastery in Lecce and Kolymbethra Park in Agrigento.

For all of these places, specific itineraries have been created – to be carried out independently or with property staff, individually or in small groups – designed with a holistic perspective, in the idea that each carries different skills that can be reinforced in the context of collaborative learning.

“For FAI, the ‘Bene FAI for All’ project is more relevant today than ever; the themes of inclusion and accessibility, which have always been part of our mission, have become essential to broadening our offering of visits by making beauty and culture accessible to all – he comments David Ussai, General Manager FAI – Since 2016, the year the project was launched, approximately 1,200 people with intellectual disabilities accompanied by caregivers have visited our property. Thanks to the renewed agreement with L’abilità Onlus and the support of Viatris, who is joining the foundation’s first year, we hope to be able to involve more and more people in discovering the art and natural heritage of our country.”

“The path to making Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano assets available to people with intellectual disabilities continues with great commitment – ​​notes Carlo Riva, Director of L’ability Onlus – Allowing these cultural and natural facts to reveal themselves to an audience that would normally remain outside this kind of experience is a duty that we with FAI do with great interest. Our goal in the coming years is to always find effective educational strategies and communication methods to ensure that the audience of visitors with intellectual disabilities is increasingly present within FAI assets. “

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“At Viatris, we are honored to support the ‘Bene FAI for All’ project because thanks to this initiative, some FAI assets will also be available to people with cognitive disabilities, providing them and their families with an opportunity to integrate and connect with the world’s culture – declares Fabio Torriglia, Regional Director of Viatris Italy – We are committed to enabling people around the world to live healthier lives at all stages regardless of location and conditions and improving access to sustainable, high-quality healthcare. We see in this collaboration with FAI clear commonalities of values ​​and goals. We also believe that companies can play a leading role in helping educate new generations by conveying the importance of art, culture and history, and ensuring moments of learning and knowledge for all without discrimination. We are confident that this project can help make a positive contribution to the dissemination of these values.”

June 20 2022
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