Men and Women, Couple’s Covid Drama: ‘We Can’t Do It, It’s Ugly’

Men and Women, Covid Couple Drama: ‘We can’t do it, it’s ugly’. The bitter confession drives away all the fans who always follow them

Like thousands of Italians, this was no ordinary celebration for them because they had to share their strength with Corona virus diseaseUnwelcome guest. Knowing that you are in good company does not console them because he is one of the beloved couples and followers men and women He had other projects in mind.

Men and Women, Covid couple drama (© Mediaset)

they are Lorenzo Riccardi and Claudia Dionigi, among the few in the latest dating show editions Maria de Filippi To be able to withstand the wear of time. Tunesta Milano and the Roman suitor have been a constant pair since the 2018-2019 release of the show, they have been living together for some time in Milan and share everything.

But now they are forced to remain isolated from the world and from themselves. As they said via social media, Lorenzo’s test result was positive Even if she was fine, while Claudia’s smear gave a negative result. And so even if they live in the same apartment, they should stay away from them.

Lorenzo Ricciardi and Claudia Dionigi (Instagram)

Men and women, covid couple drama: bitter words that make fans think

There is a situation that puts them in the long run to the test because they are used to spending a lot of time together and now they have to make the virtue of necessity. and then Claudia leaves, saying that wearing a mask all day, even at home, is getting heavier. But what she misses most is her inability to be with her boyfriend, his hugs and his sympathy.

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“I am very moved by the situation, but it will pass. But it is my situation a**a,” he explains, hoping that it all ends as soon as possible. However, at the same time, he indicated that Lorenzo is fine and now they are waiting for his recovery and the next control swab gives a negative result.


Thoughts are also shared by a former tronista who admits he broke that stance. Both have public and private lives to carry on, work and leisure commitments, while now they have to put everything off. But it will pass.

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