Dilita Litta at a Coldplay concert wearing the wrong shirt. Here’s what happened…

Dilita Litta at a Coldplay concert wearing the wrong shirt.  Here’s what happened…

Diletta Leotta can’t miss one of the most anticipated concerts of the year: the Coldplay concert. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Loris Karius, she was criticized for her clothes. “misplaced” shirt selection.

Delita Lotta Like thousands of other people I went to the concert foul play accompanied by her boyfriend Loris Karius. The Dazn presenter chose a very special T-shirt, which many considered “out of place”. Let’s find out why.

Delita Lotta, an unusual outfit at the Coldplay concert: the shirt is wrong!

Delita Lotta In the seventh month of pregnancy. She and her partner Loris Karius, the Newcastle United goalkeeper, are expecting their first child together. Face Dozen never misses the opportunity to share pictures of her adorable baby boy on social networks. However, for the first few months of finding out she was pregnant, she preferred to keep the news to herself. Now she no longer hides and is happy to celebrate motherhood and the “new” forms it has given her.

Although it was about to end, she did not change her habits and continued to work. He recently launched a podcast Amateur mom, where she interviews showbiz characters with children about parenting questions. However, she often allows herself social evenings as in the case of yesterday, where she went with her partner Loris Karius in a party foul play in Milan.

The parents are inseparable, but while they are ready for their new roles, they do not give up on the fun. After celebrating the goalkeeper’s 30th birthday, they enjoyed the concert of foul play At the San Siro stadium in Milan. Between couple selfies, hugs, and conniving looks, it’s a joy to see a couple in love. For the event, however, Delita Lotta He chose very unusual clothes.

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for presenter Amateur mom Oversized pants were chosen with a low waist, emphasizing the baby bump, but the defining thing was what she chose as the top. Radio speaker choose one Short white T-shirtwith cropped sleeves, some …Pooh. The band’s iconic crest is printed on the chest in red lettering. In the post’s caption, Liotta poked fun at her choice of style by writing: “What party do you think I’m going to? (wrong answers only)The hair was tied in two loose front strands, orange-lensed glasses and very natural make-up.

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