Christmas proposals and activities attract about 160,000 people to Sabadell

Christmas proposals and activities attract about 160,000 people to Sabadell

About 160,000 people participated in the Christmas activities organized in Sabadell this year. As city council sources explained to ACN, This represents an increase of 10,000 people compared to Christmas 2022-2023. A huge success of the local proposal was the musical “Smile at Christmas”, with 100 percent local branding and musical production by Xasqui Ten, which He filled 475 places in 54 passes made for free at Plaça Doctor Robert.

To these must be added the spectators who watched it from outside the venue and those who attended the opening of the Advent calendar windows, which cannot be measured since it was an open event.

Numbers Confirming the good response to the local bet on Christmas activitiesThis year, its proposals were distributed to all neighborhoods of the city, such as lighting trees or workshops.

Train it It enabled travel from north to south and vice versa and also attracted a lot of attentionas well as the Parc Catalunya train or the Caseta del Llaminer, where little ones can take pictures with the characters from the Advent Calendar and the “Smile at Christmas” show.

In participation numbers Those attending the Cavalcada de Reis are not includedwhich was disbanded this year due to rain midway through to assemble the Majesties into a single covered float and complete the planned route.

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