Myriam Leon, pictured with her last lover: She only wants him. I’m muscular and athletic

Myriam Leon, pictured with her last lover: She only wants him. I’m muscular and athletic
The beautiful Myriam Leone, 38 years old, was elected Miss Italy 2008 /

The actress and TV presenter is about to become a mother and has chosen a model with an aggressive appearance, and this is the image that will cause the envy of many.

Her name is among the most promising names in Italian cinema, but her first appearance was as a model. Her beauty and friendliness earned her the nickname Miss Italy In 2008 onwards Myriam Leon She established herself as a television presenter, before starting her career as an actress, achieving great success and important recognitions as both. Silver ribbons.

The first film in which Myriam Leone acted was “Fathers and Children” by director Giovanni Veronese, but in her career she had a long series of successes such as “The Unique Brothers”, “Marilyn Has Black Eyes” and the “Unique Brothers” trilogy. Diabolik Directed by Manetti Bros. But as we said before, Myriam Leon also worked in television, where she hosted important programs such as “Hyenas“And “Morning with the family.”

there Private life By Myriam Leon He can only be in the spotlight. newly She announced that she was about to become a mother: Her son, whose name or gender she has not revealed, is expected to be born by the end of 2023. Since September 18, 2021, Maryam has been married to the musician Paolo Carollo.

Here is Myriam Leon’s new love: the photo that makes everyone envy

Those who love the couple formed by Myriam Leone and Paolo Carollo have nothing to fear, because their love is stronger than ever and their first child is about to come into the world. However, Mary also has one thing on her mind in her heart wonderful carthe new machine you produce Lexusthat is LBX. On the other hand, the actress has always had a soft spot for the cars of the Japanese brand.

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We are talking about a compact SUV that will undoubtedly be among the most popular cars in the world. Myriam Leon recently became one of them Ambassador: She was chosen because, in the words of the Lexus Italia manager, Miriam is “Modern icon“A symbol of strength and determination.”

Myriam Leon has just become a brand ambassador for Lexus /

The new face of Lexus is Myriam Leon, and here’s why

Myriam Leon also explained the choice, describing herself as honored and excited to be the face of the Japanese brand’s new SUV. “This car mirrors my car Spirit of Adventure it’s mine Passion for exception. LBX is the perfect car for those who want to stand out through style and realism,” are the words with which the actress explained what prompted her to become a brand ambassador.

In short, Lexus made the right choice, and we wish Maryam Leon, who will soon become a first-time mother, all the best.

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