Katia Ricciarelli and Bebo Bodo, after years of learning the truth about the breakup: “She owns it …”

Katia Ricciarelli and Bebo Bodo, after years of learning the truth about the breakup: “She owns it …”

Katia Ricciarelli is a famous soprano, but what has emerged from the breakup with Bebo Bodo?

Katia Ricciarelli He was one of the most famous faces on the last television season of her guest appearance on Big Brother Vip House.

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But why did you break up with Bebo Bodo?

Katia Ricciarelli bid farewell to Bebo success

After studying at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice Katia Ricciarelli made her debut with La bohème. In 1971 she distinguished herself at the International Verdian Voices Competition with a song taken from Il corsaro. In the 1980s he worked with the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro to translate Elena in La Dona del Lago, Bianca, Bianca and Valero, but also Donizetti.

Towards the end of the 1980s, when she played Luisa Miller in Teatro La Scala in Milan, she was heavily criticized. In 2001 he translated Werther, and the following year he translated the theatrical Le Convienze e inconvenienza. She also appeared in Pupi Avati’s The Second Wedding Night. As I mentioned in September of last year, I walked into Big Brother Vape’s house where she was distinguished by her fiery spirit. I stayed there almost until the end of the reality show Channel 5, exit at his express wish.

As for the private, the marriage to Pippo Baudo is famous, after which there are no other known connections, in fact it seems that she lives alone in the company of her dog Ciuffy. But why did you divorce the well-known broadcaster?

Katia Ricciarelli has a long love affair with Bebo Bodo, they have been together for nearly 20 years. The two married in 1986. Once, as a guest on Lunatici, the sopranos said they met because she was invited to his shows. They loved each other for a long time, but at some point it all ended And they broke up. After a somewhat stormy end, today the two are on good terms, but then why did their relationship end? This is exactly what happened.

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Someone said…

Katia Ricciarelli and Bebo Bodo never wanted to go into details The end of their love story that ended in 2004, but the neighbor of opera singer Carla Morando spoke. Some time ago, he told Weekly Chi: “She left him.”

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The woman added that the ex-Jeffina was not happy that she and her ex-husband were no longer arguing, and had nothing to say to each other.

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