China, just stop in military contact with Usa-

China, just stop in military contact with Usa-
From Foreign editorial board

The Ministry of Defense in Beijing is back to attack Washington. Tension in the Taiwan Strait “caused by the United States.”

Taiwan prepares for its military exercises In response to the PLA’s extensive exercises across the island, two rounds of “live-fire” artillery fire, with live rounds, were carried out on a large scale in the south of the island during the week to test the island’s combat readiness. Facing the threats of the People’s Liberation Army. Beijing has not announced the end of its war games scheduled for August 4-7, but Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation has announced a return to normal after “no-fly and navigation” in six of the seven regions surrounding the country. Al Jazeera – Ban on Chinese military activities such as Reaction to US spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei – to fail. So slow return to normal. But the Ministry of Defense of Beijing returns to attack Washington: “Just stop military contacts with the United States.”

Tension in the Taiwan Strait “He was provoked by the United States,” which “must bear the full responsibility and the dire consequences of all this.” This is what Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said in a statement, saying that Beijing’s countermeasures, “including the cancellation of the military dialogue at the theater commander level, are justified and correct.” They called their Chinese counterparts several times in recent days without receiving a response.

“The United States is deliberately creating the crisis and at the same time looking for an excuse to blame others, which China firmly opposes,” Wu noted. “We urge the United States to respect China’s core interests and concerns and abandon the use of Taiwan Island to oppose the People’s Republic of China,” he added. The Chinese side expressed its position “on the relations between the two countries and the armed forces of the two countries”, especially on the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “but the US side said one thing and did another, complicity and supportive of Pelosi’s visit, and deliberately creating tensions across the Taiwan Strait.” .

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In response, China took eight countermeasures, including the cancellation of contacts between the leaders of Chinese and US military theaters, the working meeting of the Chinese and US defense ministries, and the Naval Military Security Consultation Mechanism. “China’s relevant countermeasures are a necessary warning to provoke the United States and Taiwan, and self-defense of national sovereignty and security is entirely reasonable and appropriate,” the spokesperson added. The bottom line is “unbreakable, communication requires sincerity. We urge the US side to earnestly respect China’s core interests and major concerns, abandon the illusion of “using Taiwan to control China” and not go the wrong path.”

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