Mascourt calls on farmers to 'work together' with tractors at Parliament's door

Mascourt calls on farmers to 'work together' with tractors at Parliament's door

With the Farmers Mustered At the doors of Parliament today, Thursday, Counselor David Mascourt It has committed to 'working' alongside the sector Find the solution To his discomfort. After claiming all the work done in recent years, the President of Acció Climàtica emphasized that they “will continue to work towards Meet all the requirements of the primary sector“Certainly, working together we will get out of it, as is always the case when we face challenges together in this country,” he defended. Alba campswho expressed “Pride“For mobilization and said that they” will move Specific procedures “The coming days and months.”

In his response, David Mascourt confirmed that they, as a government, were “fully aware” of the matter problems that Agriculture That we “have been working with them for a long time to make life easier” and “that.” They can earn a living They do what they do.”

For her part, MP Alba Camps also blamed Gantt's team for “presenting itself as the savior of agriculture when they have controlled power for nearly 30 of the last 40 years.” And he replied: “You must have some responsibility, for action or omission Together for Catalonia“.

The farmers take their protest to Parliament

After his meeting on Wednesday with the President Peter Aragones In Palau de la Generalitat, farmers and ranchers traveled this Thursday to Ciutadella Park. Although the tractors were unable to reach the doors of Parliament, they did Peasants who will be He was received by the head of the chamber, Anna Ira.

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