“It destroyed my life”

“It destroyed my life”

On the computer more than 1500 intense pornographic images and dozens of inappropriate content around children. Craig Donderdale has been arrested on charges, among others, of Child sexual abuse. but the police, who has blocked files on his computer, find out more. Passion for the neighbor for example. Kim Leary, 39 and a mother of two, has been snapped several times in secret, bathing in the garden of her Chester home (United kingdom). The news shocked the woman to the point that she had to move to her house, even though the man no longer lived next to her.

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The man was given a suspended prison sentence, after pleading guilty, for taking indecent photos of a child, possession of extremist pornography, possession of a forbidden photograph of a child and voyeurism. He was Kim Leary’s neighbor for three years before he was stopped by the police, who broke into the house and confiscated all electronic materials for evidence. In March 2021, the police called the woman and told her they had found photos of her on a neighbor’s computer. The woman said, “I always knew it was a little weird. He was lonely, he didn’t seem to have friends or companions. I felt sorry for him and then found out he had videos of my butt, breasts, and feet, and the way he did it was so perverted.”

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Suspended sentence: “He got away with it.”

The case did not reach court until September 2021, so the woman had to continue to live next to him for several months. The man pleaded guilty and was given a ten-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months. He was also ordered to pay £4,000 in damages to the neighbour, who did not seek an objection deal. “He has walked away from Chester and seems to have gotten away with it. Maybe people don’t know who he is or what he did where he is now. He might meet a woman and marry her, and you won’t know. After all he’s done, he’s only received a suspended sentence.

She then commented on the trauma she experienced: “Even though she no longer lives here, sitting in the garden still makes me paranoid. I can’t erase that memory while I’m still here. I just want people to know what he did. He might not know.” People in his new area what he does.You ruined my life and still have a huge impact on me, now you can do it to someone else.

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