Zuleiha discovers the matter and is shocked!

Zuleiha discovers the matter and is shocked!

Turkish predictions for Terra Amara, the TV series that airs on Canale 5 from Monday to Friday, revealed that Zeliha will discover something terrible …

thanks for the Turkish progress for Terra Amara, the TV series that charms fans of Canale 5 in the afternoon of the week, we discover many news about the stories of the most beloved characters. At the center of attention, this time, there will be dessert Zuleiha: The girl will make the decision to go home and forgive her husband for the betrayal that she committed. Unfortunately, another blow is coming for her: Umit Demir’s ex-girlfriend will announce that she is pregnant from Yemen! M.Let’s get to know the previews of the episodes that will air soon 15:45 on Channel Five.

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Tera Amara Turkish Expectations: Zuleiha in the Whirl of Suffering

Zliha Much of it passes into the body of the TV series: Canale 5 fans, for sure, will catch the eye first of all misfortunesAfter you necessarily marry a man you don’t love. As if that wasn’t enough, considering what it is destroyer It makes them struggle between jealousy, anger and mistrust, and soon another element is added that leaves everyone dumbfounded: Al-Yaman betrayed her!

Zeliha disappears into thin air, in Turkish forecasts

Nobody can really believe it, but that’s it: for a long time Demir cheated Zuleiha with another woman, Umit. This discovery shocked, and Altun decided to flee and lost his tracksHer husband’s supplication and requests for forgiveness are of no benefit. Zuleiha takes her children and goes to Europe, leaving Yemen in the midst of despair.

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Terra Amara Turkish Advances: Umit is pregnant

surprise viewers, Zuleiha decided to follow her steps and go home. destroyer He will be happy with the opportunity and will want to start from scratch with it, and he is more optimistic than ever. Altun will eventually forgive him. However, at this point, Umit will deal a new blow against her: He will reveal to everyone that he is Bdamer pregnant! And in a very treacherous way, he’ll make sure that the first one who really knows is him Zliha

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