Men and women, Maria de Felipe adamant: except for Carola Carpanelli?

Men and women, Maria de Felipe adamant: except for Carola Carpanelli?

Recently, the editorial board of the men’s and women’s program revealed the requirements for participation in the castings.

In recent days, the former suitors were both men and women Carola Carbonelli announced on social media that she is going through a difficult and defining period with her boyfriendEx-tronista Federico Nicotera.

Many, upon reading this advertisement, immediately thought so The two of them had entered into a crisis or even had already left. Moreover, in the past few hours, The stories that the boy shared certainly did not comfort and reassure the fans of the couple:”It is not a sin to believe her. I never hid. Always myself with the strengths and weaknesses that I saw! This is it…! Frederick“.

However, his words suggested that his intention was to make it public The story has already come to an end. As if there was nothing left to do and the two of them couldn’t work out their problems and misunderstandings.

Men and women, Carola Carpanelli back in September?

Many here have speculated so Carola Carpanelli can be called in September For the new version of dating show in the role of tronista. On the other hand, the former suitor conquers the Canale Cinque audience with her temperament and always showing herself, on every occasion, never betraying her values ​​and ideas.

What will Maria de Felipe decide to do? Will he think about it? Recently, the program’s editors revealed All necessary requirements To be able to participate in the selection of men and women. Here’s what we read in Dating Show Magazine: “At the casting stage there are some basic requirements that must be respected. Men and Women is a program where people come looking for love. It is therefore essential that the participants be completely celibate. Free from emotional ties and who want to fall in love as well as gain experience for themselves. Since it is not a test in which objective abilities or talents are judged, it is important that during the interview the person is able to articulate their motivation to participate in the most spontaneous way possible.“.

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still:”It is precisely the way people tell their stories that can arouse interest and curiosity in the listener. In short, the important thing is for the person to leave you with something that goes beyond physical appearance or a subtle way of speaking. In particular, for older people, what is often striking is the strong need to rediscover feelings they have experienced in the past and which seem impossible to relive. Fundamental, for both the young and the elderly, is the drive to participate and the desire to know one’s strengths and weaknesses“.

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