Marta Todeschini's mother died

Marta Todeschini's mother died

He was 78 years old and had worked at the RSA “Monsignor Speranza” in Zogno for three years. Originally from Sant'Omobono, where she lived in Mazzoleni, she later moved to her new home in Perpino, a town where, among other things, years earlier, as a young university student in her early twenties, she had taught middle school. . In her memories – and in the memories of many of her former students – the image of her as a young girl in the classroom in front of students three or four years younger than her was recurring. The experience of teaching the Italian language was preceded by summer seasons in the then Sizopoli colony, in Silvino, where she was also a teacher.

After her marriage to Piero Todeschini and the arrival of her two daughters, Marta and Chiara, she devoted herself to her family. She then returned to the university at the age of forty, having taken only one exam to defend her thesis, and then graduated from the university. Magisterium College, Cattolica in Milan. Thus began her second phase of teaching, at the Istituto Maria Consolatrese in Quipino under the Campus of Cornabosa to which she, like all Valdemagnino, was closely attached.

Maria Eva leaves behind her husband Piero, her daughters Marta with Davide and Chiara with Andrea, her grandchildren Pietro, Giulia and Elisa and her sister Angioletta, to whom she never failed to approach with love, especially in her illness. The funeral date has not yet been set Which will be celebrated in Perpino Parish Church.
All the colleagues from the newspaper, television, as well as the Saab group rally around their colleague Marta and her family.

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