Are you ready to go electric? Few realize the dangers that will make you change your mind

Are you ready to go electric?  Few realize the dangers that will make you change your mind

Electric cars are the revolution but there are also many underestimated risks of switching to electricity, let’s find out what they are.

the Electric cars They are in a phase of expansion, at least in Italy, where there are still limits that have not allowed the market to explode. This day represents a small slice even if many think that going electric is a revolution in their driving.

The electric car, when it’s really convenient (pontilenews)

They are definitely cars performers Useful but there are so many pros and cons to weigh that often get away with even the dangers of electricity.

Electric cars, because they are dangerous

Electric cars are, of course, very expensive problem, They need special recharging at rare stations throughout Italy and require alternative fuel costs for electricity which is now very salty.

The dangers of electric cars (pontilenews)

Electric cars are seen as future And they may be, but they are also dangerous. The first relates to the greater risk of fires than in a normal car. Studies on this topic have analyzed the percentage terms that precisely define practically each event, and it is not currently possible to define this risk because no real estimate can be made, but according to the Italian Fire Brigade, there are no larger fires or greater risks from this point of view.

However, it is the fire problem that causes Fears More because there are batteries inside the car that can actually generate this problem but in reality this possibility is still rare, and it is clearly related to poor controllability and lack of maintenance. In cases where car owners retain control of the vehicle as they would any other vehicle, the risks are minimal.

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Because electric cars are the future

With electric cars, you also save money, for the first few years you don’t pay car tax, insurance costs less and the systems are very silent. So contrary to what you might think, in terms of security, there are a lot of pros out there Total. The issue of purchase and maintenance costs certainly remains, but if applicable, these are expenses worth depreciation and overhead costs as well as emissions.

So it is completely safe as long as it comes and maintain it properly, Shipped back as required by regulation without DIY or tampering. In this case they can become very dangerous and cause very strong fires so it is good to be careful.

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