At school, learning is done by experience: this is the “Boundless Big, Boundless Small” project.

At school, learning is done by experience: this is the “Boundless Big, Boundless Small” project.

GROSSETO – development and consolidation of knowledge of scientific knowledge, thanks to fruitful cooperation between educational institutions and municipal administration, through an innovative interdisciplinary approach: this is the main idea that is the basis of the project entitled “Infinitely large and infinitely small”.

The initiative is based on a specific Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Polo Universitario Foundation in Grosseto, the municipality, and the Grosseto Comprehensive 2 Institute. In particular, it is an experimental project that will last three years and will involve third graders of primary school and students in the pre-high school class, with the aim of encouraging the acquisition of scientific concepts not only through laboratory and experiential teaching but also thanks to the true organic integration of the human form.

“Our common goal – explained by the Mayor of Grosseto Anton Francesco Vivarelli Colonna and education consultant Angela Amanti Trying to overcome as much as possible the purely theoretical approach that often seems to “hinder” the interest of young students. Instead, we believe in an interdisciplinary system, from the particular to the universal, that touches on the scientific, humanistic, historical and philosophical themes of human nature. Exercising science through observation, the dynamic sharing of ideas and hypotheses, and the development of a critical sense. A journey, from examining the cell to investigating the universe, will accompany children’s development. Sincere thanks to the Polo Universitario Foundation in Grosseto and the Comprehensive Grosseto 2 Institute for operationalizing and promoting this initiative together.”

“The Grosseto University Polo Foundation firmly believes in a project ‘big without borders, small without borders’ – President commented Gabriella Baboni Morelli It is our hope that the interdisciplinary approach to science, philosophy, and the arts that it represents will be the beginning of a path that students from Grosseto can benefit from not only in their studies and professional careers, but also, successively, the entire region. After all, our time requires a preparation that integrates knowledge: with this in mind, a Memorandum of Understanding was born with the Municipality of Grosseto and the Comprehensive Grosseto 2 Institute, with the aim of preparing new generations for the important cultural challenges ahead. The campus is ready to inaugurate with this initiative the Center for Science and Technology, a center for scientific experiments and publishing emanating from a project of the Ministry of Education, University and Research that will be accessible to all citizens interested in science.”

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« Comprehensive Institute Grosseto 2 – says school principal Maria Theresa Sartiani Willing to be an integral part of this innovative and engaging initiative. Thus, students of classes participating in the project will be able to experience methods of participation and learning that are increasingly complementary to each other, creating the basis for the harmonious development of interests and skills.

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