Chaos Laboratory: an immersive experience for children between science and fun in Milan

Chaos Laboratory: an immersive experience for children between science and fun in Milan

The world of entertainment takes an educational turn with the arrival of…Chaos Lab – Play with science“In Europe, and for the first time, in Italy. Organized by the leading live entertainment platform Fever, this event promises to turn learning science into an exciting and fun experience. After its success in Australia and its launch in Singapore, the lab dedicated to science is ready to open its doors At Spazio Bergognone 26 in Milan from 7 December.

Dr. Splat and the union between science and comedy:
At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an attractive person Dr. Splat, The hero of the laboratory with his expensive experiments. His unique show, which combines science and comedy, offers 15 minutes of pure educational fun. Designed to engage children aged 6 to 12 years. Experiments like elephant toothpaste and dry ice explosions are just a glimpse of the surprises that await participants.

The journey into the world of mathematics:
After a stunning introduction by Dr. Splat, visitors are immersed in a world of… Mathematics laboratoryIt is an area dedicated to the world of mathematics with a wide range of games with different topics. The experience continues in the Neon Room, where little explorers can unleash their imagination and unleash their creativity with the fluorescent colors decorating the room’s walls.

Unique experiences around every corner:
The Gravity Lab offers an extraordinary magnetic wall that allows visitors to experience gravity, inventing a complex game of Tetris of ramps and ball tracks. In the Light Lab, participants are immersed in a rainbow of colors, letting their imaginations run wild. ball pit, The set of bright balls becomes the perfect place for free and imaginative games.

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Creative chaos at the slime station:
The highlight of the adventure is the slime station, where visitors are invited to immerse themselves in creating unique shapes using colorful slime, the funniest clay ever. A tangible and creative experience that stimulates the imagination of participants.

Decontamination method:
Before leaving the Chaos Laboratory, the last stop is the decontamination tunnel. Here, visitors emerge from the scientific entertainment dimension in elegant style, through a new barrage of lights that brings them back to reality.

“Chaos Lab – Play with Science” offers a unique experience where science blends harmoniously with fun. Aimed at young explorers and enthusiasts of all ages, this workshop will leave an indelible mark on the memory of anyone looking for an innovative and exciting way to learn through play.

where: Spazio Bergonone 26 (via Bergonone 26, 20144 Milan)
Dates and times: On December 7 and 8, then every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., any special openings will be announced later.
price: Tickets are available here Discounted prices for families
Children up to 3 years old (entry is free)
Children from 3 to 12 years 15 euros
Children from 12 years and adults 10 euros

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