Julia Chikitin, exclusively for those who have seen it: The audio in Torretta’s voice is out

Julia Chikitin, exclusively for those who have seen it: The audio in Torretta’s voice is out

A new episode of Who Has Seen it and an important new chapter on the Cecchettin case. Exclusively and live on television, Federica Ciarelli has released an audio clip in which we hear, for the first time, the voice of Filippo Torretta, the boy who first disappeared with his ex-girlfriend, then stabbed her to death, and finally before he died. Banned in Germany, he indulged in mad escape. In addition to reconstructing the steps of the crime and highlighting the relationship between the two young men, and providing concrete evidence to viewers, Rai 3 played an audio note that the 21-year-old likely sent to someone who knew the victim well.

“Hi, I wanted to ask you what you thought. I’ve collected all the details we wrote for the comics in the chat and they’re all suitable, but there were some things. I don’t know how to do it. For example, herbal tea. Actually, as far as I know, Julia doesn’t like tea.” Weed. Actually, as far as I know, she doesn’t drink it. She almost never drinks it, in fact to her, “It’s dirty water, but someone said so.” What do we do? Say the same thing to be put into detail? “: Perhaps the reference is to the tradition of Venice. It is customary that upon receiving the long-awaited degree, the friends of the graduating student organize celebrations and pranks to make fun of him: The Graduation Papyrus is a festive poster that collects in written form all the ridiculous events and adventures of the graduate, famous phrases and a series of… Sarcastic thanks. The poster is dominated by a caricature of a student represented in a completely humorous style.

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“Unless you contradict me and say it’s one of his traits, but well. I don’t think so. We can even leave out the details they wrote down,” we hear again. Julia Tchichetin disappeared and was murdered a few hours after the day she received her degree in biomedical engineering, and according to this audio, it seemed that Torretta was collaborating with people dear to the girl to surprise and celebrate her.

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