The trick to falling asleep easily, according to science

The trick to falling asleep easily, according to science

Insomnia is a very common problem. Many people actually struggle to sleep easily. This is not insignificant, because the consequences will be felt the next day, when you are more nervous, it is difficult to focus on delicate tasks and you do not have enough energy to face the countless obligations of everyday life.

An American study, as a result of research conducted at Baylor University, has discovered a trick that can help you fall asleep effortlessly.

How was the search conducted?

Experts from the Laboratory of Neuroscience and Sleep Perception at Baylor University involved 57 undergraduate students. Their job was to go to bed at 10:30 PM. Experts have limited the use of technologies before bed, so there are no smartphones and no computers.

The lights just went out after the students fell asleep. Then the scientists monitored their sleep activity using the sleep method night sleep planning.

And so they made a discovery that could revolutionize the way we sleep, as they discovered a way that could do so Helping insomnia sufferers.

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What is the way to sleep at once?

The method the researchers came up with was to have the participants write a list worksuch as the activities they had to do the next day or the following days.

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Their goal was to see if this method could combat the difficulty of falling asleep. In fact, it turns out that writing a to-do list can help fight Insomnia related problems.

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Then the experts explained that we always live in thought of all the worries and commitments that lie ahead, so writing a list of things to do may favor the possibility of downloading those thoughts, to induce a sense of relaxation that allows you to sleep more. easily and faster.

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