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Lotto, Superenalotto/Extraction and 10eLotto winning numbers, today March 19, 2022

LOTTO and SUPERENALOTTO, the winning numbers in today’s snippets

From Suprinalotto The lights are moving up Much And the 10eLotto Who make their judgments with the new winning numbers in today’s raffle. Waiting to discover fate Jackpot winIt’s time to evaluate the journey between wheels Much, to understand if the future, for example, holds a good chance for you… As we have been able to show you, the winnings can be very rich, so in a few minutes you may find yourself celebrating and seeing above all achievable dreams You may have left it at the ready in your drawer. This is also our wish, but in addition to wishing you good luck, we would like to remind you that you can continue to check your coupons also using the MyLotteries app that has been provided, in case there is no way or desire to do so to the receivers.

The choice is yours, now we leave you to the winning numbers Much And the 10eLotto which has been completed Abstract picture dOpened today by Superenalotto. (Agg. by Silvana Palazzo)

Click here for the winning symbols and numbers

Lotto Extract 10eLotto No. 34 dated 19/03/2022

2 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 13 – 25 – 35 – 41 – 46 – 48 – 51 – 55 – 63 – 64 – 67 – 69 – 73 – 74 – 78 – 90

Golden Number (first extract from Alpari’s wheel): 48

Double Gold (1st and 2nd synopsis on Alpari Wheel): 4835

additional: 14 – 18 – 28 – 29 – 38 – 42 – 43 – 5057656668707582

(The winning numbers in the Lotto and 10eLotto contestants are published on the official website of the state monopolies We decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and invite you to do so. Check directly on the monopolies website and / or in betting shops)

Lotto, extract number 34 on 03/19/2022
Barry 48 35 64 14 38
Cagliari 90 73 42 66 46
Florence 6 51 68 41 64
Genoa 63 13 25 75 65
Milan 67 2 38 18 40
Naples 25 64 66 82 7
Palermo 10 69 43 51 62
Rome 74 55 29 28 45
Turin 78 3 70 50 55
Venice 46 41 64 57 70
National 45 70 54 35 85
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(The winning numbers in the Lotto and 10eLotto contestants are published on the official website of the state monopolies We decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and invite you to do so. Check directly on the monopolies website and / or in betting shops)

LOTTO and SUPERENALOTTO, the numbers that led to the jackpot

The lights turn on on the sixth of Suprinalotto. Moment The winning numbers from today’s lottery He has arrived, in which you should know for example if the rich prize has been conquered. On the other hand, you know very well that this is a very generous game, capable of changing the lives of its players, and quite annoying, even through other payment categories. This is one of the reasons why we recommend that you treat it with the utmost care on every date with luck. The desire to celebrate is great, and the disappointment with the exact mismatch of the numbers being played can be just as great, but the ways that lead to success are different, so there are no details, and in this case the number, it should be left to the case.

All this while realizing the ability to check your bet through the official website and trusted bookmakers. Now let’s leave the word to the winning numbers in the Superenalotto, we will meet for those Much And the 10eLotto. (Agg from Silvana Palazzo)

The last tie Superenalotto n. 34 on 03/19/2022

winning combination
67 41 73 61 20 83

Jolly Number


(The winning numbers of the Superenalotto contest are published on the official website of the state monopolies We decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of winning numbers, and invite you to do so. Check directly on the site of the monopolies and / or in the betting shops)

Lotto and Sobernalotto, today’s excerpt: March 19, 2022

The extraction to Superenalotto, Lotto and 10eLotto They return as champions today, Saturday 19 March 2022, with much anticipation winning numbers. We will discover them this evening by going to paint the related picture Sisal Competition 34/2022. But it’s not yet time to find out about them, so in the meantime we can pique your interest in the possibilities of a last date, as evidenced by Agrenews. Let’s get started right away with Lotto. The highest yield was obtained a San Martino di Lubari, in the province of Padua, where a five-figure bet of €5 on the Florence wheel, won €50,596. rain of money too a Poviso (BS), where a gain of €112,500 was made using terno. Finally, a Paregio (MI) €14027.17 won. So, the last lotto draw was distributed 6.2 million euros, with a total of 223 million since the beginning of the year.

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Now is the time for hardships 10eLottowho gave a great party for Risana, in the province of Treviso. Here a profit of 250 thousand euros was made thanks to 7 double gold with a bet in the spot position. Here another win was achieved, in this case 10 thousand euros, with a bet in which 6 numbers were hit. Agipronews announces two profits of 50 thousand euros Torill (PR) e Bertiolo (UD). The first is by 9 gold with a 4 euro bet in the recurring mode, and the other instead of a 3 euro bet with lotto extraction. So, the last contest 10eLotto The lucky players have given €23.4 million in total, but overall they have given €797 million since the start of the year.

Shares of the last Supernaluto competition

Let’s go ahead to quotas subordinate Suprinalotto Regarding the last competition that was held on Thursday. There wasn’t 6, that’s why in the last weekly appointment today Jackpot win It rises to an incredible 173.9 million euros. But there was no shortage of significant gains on Thursday. This can be seen, for example, from the eight “5” points that were achieved, where the lucky winners were awarded €25,650.76 each. Then there is the “4” for €271.43 with 772 winning coupons. Those who reached third place with 19493 lucky coupons in this category won 32.30 euros. On the other hand, it is 328,288 in relation to the number “2” which is valued at 5.95 euros instead. Let’s move on to the Superenalotto odds related to the Superstar: the 3 “4 stars” lucky winners are awarded €27,143.00. There are 99 lucky coupons for 3 stars €3,230.00. It drops to €100 for two stars, which includes 1,689 lucky game tickets. They are 11837 for €10 a star. Instead, the 28,256 winning bets for 0 stars won €5.

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The Jackpot win subordinate Suprinalotto Fly to 173.9 million euros for today’s withdrawal. An incredible amount that exceeds the expectations of those who imagine how the winnings will be spent. A small portion of a project can be allocated to be financially supported for a product that may be useful to you later. Let’s take the example of the Lance Signature, a pair of innovative glasses. Monochromatic lenses from Japan’s industry leader, Mitsui. Hence they are scratch-resistant glasses, with a blue light filter, which reduces eye strain. Another interesting aspect is that you can configure it: from the frame to the type of lens. Technology and attention to intricate design are combined in the choice of materials. Therefore, with your financial support, whether small or large, you can contribute to a project that goes beyond aesthetics, but focuses on design and technology.


About the usual appointment with Neapolitan mugwhich gives us some important ideas for choosing numbers Much To play, but also to analyze the extracted ones, we focus on a closely related case. We refer to the story of Yana Zelieva and the cat Zaika. They traveled more than a thousand kilometers to reach Hrebenne, Poland. The 17-year-old takes care of her cat, which she considers a “daughter,” she told reporters who interviewed her. Drawing from the grimace, we can use the number 2 denoting the girl, although it may seem forced because Yana is a teenager. Then there’s 4, the cat, which is perfect for his travel and life partner. She ran away from 12 soldiers to save herself from the war. And 90 instead of fear, the one that he had to overcome in the most difficult moments, but was able to count on the affection of his loyal cat.

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