Catherine Spaak, Who Are the Ex-Husbands / “Vladimiro Tuseli is the man of my life”

Catherine Spaak, Who Are the Ex-Husbands / “Vladimiro Tuseli is the man of my life”

Catherine PlumberIn the interview broadcast by Verissimo Story, he told Silvia Tofanin: “Before you meet Vladimiro Toselli I lived 10 or 15 years alone. I was not at all expecting to fall in love: when we met he seemed so young, due to 18 years of difference. Yet it was a prejudice, for it gave me much more than one would expect from a man more mature than him. He is a port pilot, helping boats to enter or leave ports. It is a very complex task. Thus, I have a great passion for the sea, but not for hunting: I am against killing any animal“.

Vladimiro Toselli, concluded Catherine Plumber, “He is the man of my life. Things arrive when they need accessEven the bad stuff. It’s life, these are its tests.”. (Update by Alessandro Niedi)

The private life of Catherine Plumber, her ex-husbands

Catherine Plumber She has been married three times in her life. The actress is married for the first time to Fabrizio Capucci. The couple got married when the actress was 18 years old, but their marriage did not last long. A few months later, Catherine Plumber E Fabrizio Capucci They broke up and the actress had some misadventures involving her union-born daughter Sabrina. In an interview with Storie Italiane, Catherine Plumber revealed: “I took the little girl and ran away. They didn’t forgive me and filed a complaint. We never met again. I couldn’t get what the judge destroyed. It was the Capuccis’ revenge. Sabrina’s brainwashing is the rest. Indelible marks.

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After the end of the relationship with Fabrizio Capucci, Catherine Spaak romantically related to Johnny Dorelei and from their union Gabriel Guede was born. Their marriage was celebrated in 1972 and lasted six years: Link was also particularly stormy due to his reluctance to let her work. Despite this, the two remained on good terms, especially for the love of their son. After this relationship also ended, he married plumber Daniel Ray, a well-known architect in 1993, and divorced him in 2010.

Catherine Plumber and Marriage to Vladimiro Toselli

Three years after her split from Danielle Ray, Catherine Plumber fell in love again and married in 2013 in Eris, Sicily, with Vladimiro Toselli, a former ship captain who was 18 years younger than the actress. The age difference certainly didn’t stop the blossoming of an intense and passionate romance. Love lived out of the limelight even if the two broke up in 2019. Kathryn Spaak gave an interview to Today Is Another Day and announced: “I’ve got a freedom I’m not ready to give up.”

The actress after four marriages finally managed to find her balance on her own: “It is a moment in my life when I feel very happy. After illness I rearranged my priorities, and gave things the right value. First of all me, finally.” Catherine Plumber has two children. We’re talking here about Sabrina Capucci, born from her marriage to actor Fabrizio that ended shortly after his birth, and Gabrielle Guede, born from her marriage to Johnny Dorelei. So far, it appears that the eldest daughter of a plumber is a famous stage actress while her second child is a well-known stage producer and director.

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