Verdict divided Weinstein guilty of three counts – cinema

Verdict divided Weinstein guilty of three counts – cinema

(by Alessandra Baldini) (ANSA) – NEW YORK, DECEMBER 19 – GUILTY OF RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT: The jury in the Los Angeles trial against Harvey Weinstein was divided on a total of seven counts and could not find a “unanimous” opinion on the fact that The former producer took advantage of women who approached him and tried to have sex with them without their consent.

The former King of Hollywood is serving 23 years in prison after being sentenced in New York. “You are our heroines vs. the beast,” Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino sent word to the women who came forward in Los Angeles.

Weinstein risked up to 60 years in prison, and now there is talk of an 18- and 24-year prison sentence behind bars. After nearly ten hours in closed session, the jurors disagreed “against reasonable doubt” on one count of rape and two other counts of sexual assault. The ruling concluded a trial that began in late October and saw the testimony of 44 witnesses, including Italian-Filipino model Ambra Battilana Guterres, one of the defendants, Jennifer Sibel Newsom, and an actress and documentary filmmaker who is married to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

In both New York and Los Angeles, Weinstein declined offers to testify in his defense. At the trial in Mecca, the jury fully believed the testimony of ‘Jane Doe 1’, the famous model in Italy at the time, who accused Weinstein of raping her in a Los Angeles hotel in February 2013, during the Los Angeles Italia festival.

The former producer, who has pleaded not guilty to all cases, was instead acquitted on charges of assaulting the ‘Jane Doe 3’ masseuse, who allegedly reported the harassment to another celebrity client, Mel Gibson, while the jury was divided on the other. Two of the defendants, one of whom is Newson’s wife. Judging it was eight to four, which was not sufficient to declare unanimity. “I am proud of her for her testimony,” her husband said after the verdict. (Dealing).

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