Alex Belli and apologies for the phrases about Manuel – Big Brother VIP

Over the course of this week, there has been a lot of controversy over a sentence – many deemed too insensitive – to utter Alex in the presence of Soleil NS David.

All the protagonists of this short and unpleasant episode are summoned to the Superled where the moment in question is shown: in fact, the three were organizing a short show to get ready to spend the hours at home in an alternate way. In particular, the actor imagines to narrate, through a short stage show, the events of a whole day inside the house, including the episode and the nomination, which would have been represented by the fallen contenders, being gradually eliminated.

“The last one remains Manuel because he cannot fall.”: These are not the very sensitive words the actor said that many consider offensive.

At this point, the person concerned intervenes, stating his point of view on the issue: ManuelAnd, in fact, he is not at all offended by the actor’s joke.

The boy explains that in addition to the friendship he has with Alex, there is no reason to be upset with the sentence in question because he has always claimed to want to be treated normally: “I’m the first to want to laugh and joke about all of this stuff, to revive normalcy and to make sure we can have a little lightness. Also because I feel natural, if you’re laughing and joking about anyone you can joke with me too.”

However, on the other hand, everyone has a different sensitivity and Manuel calls the actor to pay special attention to this kind of irony which, if taken out of context, can be misinterpreted: “I suggest Alex to be careful, because from the house there are people who can be misunderstood. Personally, I am not offended.”

Everything is fine and ends well: Manuel does not intend to be treated differently from others, and above all defends his nature. However, it is always necessary to pay special attention to the words you choose because, even if Manuel is not offended, the sensitivity of the audience of the House may differ from that of his audience.

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However, Alex, along with Sully and David, apologize to the audience for his words that – even if they were spoken in good faith – may have offended someone.

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