Eros Ramazzotti turned around and … shocked the fans, what does he do on stage

Eros Ramazzotti turned around and … shocked the fans, what does he do on stage

forgetEros Ramazzotti Serious and composed on stage. The singer, during a concert, let himself go and amused Turing’s fans. To resume a video shared by a user on TikTok. “Your mom is dragging you to the Eros Concert and so is he It’s all trivialreads the accompanying video, which has totaled over two million views. Now do you understand why I love him so much? someone wrote. I was also at that concert, it was exceptional”, another person commented. And again: “The Eros Ramazzotti concert is one of the best memories I have above all because I lived with my mother”.

Meanwhile, just these days, Bramazzotti has ended up at the center of controversy. the reason? His absence from the baptism of his nephew Cesare. Their daughter, Aurora, became a mother and immediately decided to baptize her child Godfrey Sirza. Unlike Grandma Michelle HunzikerHowever, the singer was not there. However, it did not go unnoticed on the Internet: Eros was with his new partner, Delilah Gelsomino.

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Just enough to unleash a storm. Many emphasized that when he finds time to devote himself to his partner, he should do it more for his daughter and grandson. In all this aurora borealis Silence is preferred. The 26-year-old said she wanted to take a break from social media and devote herself to her new adventure: that of her mother.

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